Carey Mulligan Says She Loves Being a Mom – Meet Her and Marcus Mumford’s 3 Kids

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Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford officially have a family of five. In her November 2023 Vogue cover story, Mulligan revealed that she gave birth to her third child; news of her third pregnancy first broke in January. At the time of the interview, Mulligan welcomed her baby six weeks prior. The “Promising Young Woman” actor and Mumford (best known for the rock band Mumford & Sons) have been married since 2012 and also share daughters Evelyn and Wilfred.

“What does motherhood change? Well, your whole life – it’s undeniable – it changes everything,” Mulligan told UK magazine Baby in 2018. She added, “As regards my work, I don’t know if motherhood is always the first thought on my mind when I read a script, but I would suspect it’s altered my attitude.”

Mulligan and Mumford are quite open about their relationship, but are pretty private about their kids’ lives, though they do rave about them from time to time. Here’s everything we know about Mulligan and Mumford’s kids.

Evelyn Grace Mumford

Born in September 2015, Evelyn Grace Mumford is the couple’s eldest child. Finding a balance between work and home is key for Mulligan, who said she checks her thoughts about work on set before going home to see her family. “It can’t be more important than when I have to get home and have to do bathtime,” she told the Daily Mirror in 2021. In an interview with Radio Times in 2018, Mulligan petitioned for on-set childcare, noting she brought Evelyn to set while filming her movies “Mudbound” and “Wildlife.” She said it was “incredibly complicated” having to organize childcare at her job, per The Guardian.

Wilfred Mumford

Wilfred Mumford is the middle child and was born in August 2017. After having the couple’s firstborn, Mulligan took a two-year break from acting. However, she told Baby that with Wilfred she did the exact opposite – working at seven months pregnant and returning to set right after giving birth. “With a second child, you’re a lot less paranoid, and I definitely felt I was ready for new challenges this time around,” she explained of what was different after her son was born. While delivering her “Saturday Night Live” monologue when she hosted in 2021, the “Great Gatsby” actor joked her children’s bedtime stories have gotten a lot more dramatic and longer throughout the pandemic. “Lots of recently divorced dragons and unicorns with secret pill habits,” she laughed.

Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford’s Third Child

Mulligan revealed the third baby’s arrival in her Vogue cover story. The couple’s child, whose name is currently unknown, was born sometime in early 2023.

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