Big Brother’s Carlos Castro Predicted His Own Eviction In a Dream

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Carlos Castro was by far one of the most colourful housemates to walk into the Big Brother house and no doubt, his exit will leave a huge coffee-filled hole.

While there’s no questioning that every contestant has to leave eventually, Carlos had a very interesting heads up before his eviction — a premonition in a dream.

“I have dreams that are weird,” the 39-year-old told POPSUGAR Australia in an interview after his eviction. “I woke up and it said something will happen to my family or something is going to happen to me. It was the night before I was evicted.”

Carlos admitted that he was expecting “something else” and didn’t expect it meant the end of his Big Brother journey, even going into the diary room and asking if he could call his family, because something felt really wrong.

Following his exit from the house, Carlos spoke with the series psychologist, where he predicted even more outcomes from the show.

“It’s something that is happening in the house in the next couple of days. I described it from my dream and said, ‘this, this, this is going to happen,’ and they were like, ‘who told you that?’ The dreams are really weird. It doesn’t happen often but what happened is really creepy.”

Carlos was up against Jess Trend and Charlotte “Princess Char” Hall in the elimination, and according to him, Charlotte should have been the one sent packing.

“We need people that fight for the dream,” Carlos said. “People that do something. Maybe outside she can be wonderful and amazing and spectacular but inside the house she was boring.”

For the Perth-local, the house was like “a soap opera, like a novella. Everything was drama. Drama here, drama there. I was like, just give me my coffee.” In fact, Carlos seemed to be so in the middle of it all, that everyone he got close to ended up being evicted.

“I was friends with Mary because she was like my Aunty in the house,” he admitted. “But all my energy was with SJ from day one. I moved quickly to Michael because we were paired together but then he was out. So, I went to talk with Chris, ‘let’s work together,’ and then he was out. All my friends were leaving so I had to move quickly.”

Big Brother airs Sunday at 7 pm and Monday to Wednesday at 7.30 pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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