Where Is Carrie Bickmore Going After Her Departure From “The Project”?

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Carrie Bickmore is a household name in Australia, known for her charismatic personality, quick wit, and compassionate journalism. As a founding co-host of “The Project”, she has played a vital role in shaping the show’s format and tone, as well as establishing it as a trusted source of news and current affairs.

Her departure from “The Project” in November 2021 was met with mixed emotions from fans who have grown to love her on the show.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into why she left “The Project”, what she’s been up to since then, and what the future holds for this talented journalist and media personality.

Why Did Carrie Bickmore Leave “The Project”?

Carrie left “The Project” after 13 years, citing a desire to pursue new challenges and spend more time with her family. While she didn’t give any specific reasons for her departure, it’s clear that she had a great run on the show and wanted to explore other opportunities.

What Is Carrie Bickmore Doing After “The Project”?

As of now, Carrie Bickmore has not revealed her next career move. However, as a highly respected journalist and media personality she is sure to have many options available to her. Whether she continues to work in television, radio, or print journalism or ventures into new areas of interest, we can’t wait to see what she does next.

What Is Carrie Bickmore Doing Now?

Following her departure from “The Project”, Bickmore is still co-hosting Hit Network’s “Drive Show with Carrie & Tommy”. She and Tommy Little have signed on for another four years, with Bickmore expressing her excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to continue in her role.

She also teased exciting adventures to come in 2023, promising that they will be filled with surprises and the signature humour that fans have come to love from the show.

Was Carrie Bickmore Fired?

No, Carrie Bickmore was not fired from “The Project”. Her departure was entirely voluntary and motivated by her desire to pursue new challenges and spend more time with her family. Channel Ten also released a statement praising Bickmore’s contributions to the show and thanking her for her many years of service. We’ll miss her on “The Project”, but we’re excited to see what’s next for this talented journalist and media personality.

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