25 Celebrity Dads Who Are Nearly Identical to Their Sons

Getty / Mike Coppola

Hollywood may be full of people that look like each other, but nothing compares to these father-son duos. If you thought David Beckham‘s kids were his mini-mes, then just wait until you see the rest of the celebrities on this list, like Eugene Levy, Usher, Ryan Phillippe, and John Legend.

In fact, Legend’s son Miles has more in common with his famous dad than just looks. “He has my personality too as far as I can tell,” Legend confirmed of Miles in a 2019 interview with Ryan Seacrest. “He’s very mellow; he smiles a lot; he’s like super easy going; almost never cries – he’s daddy.”

Phillippe, on the other hand, is aware that his son, Deacon, looks like him but really thinks the teen resembles ex Reese Witherspoon‘s family more. “Obviously, there is a father-son resemblance,” Phillippe told E! News in 2021, “but he actually looks a lot more like Reese’s side of the family. Ava looks more like mine.”

In honor of Father’s day, keep reading to see which famous dads have nearly identical sons.

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