Fiery Showdown on “The Summit” Sees Brooke Send Jacqui Packing

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The Summit” has well and truly kicked off with the trekkers’ journey now in full swing. There are still 131 kilometres till the trekkers reach the summit, and tension is brewing among the cast.

During Tuesday’s episode, viewers witnessed a showdown that resulted in Brooke delivering the ultimate blow and kicking Jacqui off the competition. Let’s spill the tea on what went down between the pair and led to Jacqui’s unexpected exit.

Picture this: 14 strangers forced to spend 24/7 together, striving to conquer “The Summit“. It’s a recipe for some serious drama. The trouble began when Brooke nearly crashed into Jacqui while rolling down a hill. Needless to say, the Olympian was less than thrilled, calling it a “silly” move. And so, the fuse was lit for their feud.

“I don’t need a Brooke coming in and wiping out my femur because she wants to slide down grass; it’s silly,” Jacqui told cameras. 

Jacqui Confronts Brooke

Things took a (literally) heated turn when Brooke swore. Why did she swear? Well, she was standing around the campfire, and her shoelace caught on fire.

Jacqui felt disrespected by the outburst, and didn’t hold back. She let her fellow trekkers know how she felt, and called Brooke’s reaction a “revolting” moment. Yikes! The tension was palpable.

“That was just a revolting outburst for no reason,” Jacqui said of the incident. “I was already pretty angry earlier today while she was sliding into the back of me.  I’m not one for sitting quiet so if I have an opinion she needs to listen to it.”

Not one to bite her tongue, Jacqui summoned Brooke for a good ol’ confrontation. Brooke, in her defence, apologised profusely and clarified that her colourful language wasn’t directed at Jacqui. However, Jacqui wasn’t fully convinced by Brooke’s explanation, declaring that it was still “not cool.” 

“I’m still so filthy, she should book a ticket back to Queenstown,” Jacqui told cameras.  

“I’m not sure if this mountain is big enough for Brooke and I… but if she keeps getting in my way, I’m going to give her an elbow to the right.”

To add fuel to the fire, Brooke pointed out Jacqui’s past knee and hip operations, claiming she was slowing down the group’s progress. With a bold move, Brooke made the call to send Jacqui packing with her $71,000. Talk about sweet revenge.

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