Exclusive: “It’s Just So Boring” — Charlotte Crosby Takes On Headlines About Her Looks

Charlotte Crosby

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby is as outspoken as they get so it’s really no surprise to anyone that she has started her own podcast, Values and Vibrators.

After being in the limelight since she was just 20 years old, the now 30-year-old will divulge the good, the bad and the downright hilarious, guaranteeing to give you more than you bargained for.

In the new podcast, it is Queen Crosby at her best: raw and unfiltered and while she’s pretty happy to talk about anything, she does have a few pet peeves when it comes to questions people ask her.

“It’s either diet and weight-related or plastic surgery,” she told POPSUGAR Australia. “It’s so boring. Ten years of that question just gets really f–king boring. I’m never offended, it’s my line of work and people are gonna ask intrusive questions, and I’m a woman so it’s probably going to be just about me looks, but it’s just so boring.”

On April 29, a controversial UK documentary examining Crosby’s “changing face”, not only attracted viewer complaints, but left the Just Tattoo of Us star slamming it for being “immoral and insensitive”.

In a statement posted to her Instagram after the show aired, Crosby said that the episode of What Happened To Your Face? Charlotte Crosby was commissioned in March 2020.

“Their ‘experts’ dissected my ‘plastic face’ with disgust, discussing my fluctuating weight (with images), and then decided to flash up the worst troll comments from the past five to six years,” she said.

“Honest, I’m so strong, and I’m sitting here crying now,” she said. “But I’m not crying about the negative things, I’m crying about the support.

“I’m crying about how many people have been so kind. I just want to say thank you because you’ve actually made us feel like I’ve got self-worth. Like I’m worth something. That’s how all of this support has made us feel.”

During her interview with POPSUGAR Australia, which took place before the show aired, Crosby spoke about trolling and how messy tabloid headlines came with the territory.

“I actually talk about this in the podcast,” she said. “It just doesn’t bother us. There are so much worse things going on in the world to be bothered about headlines or what someone who doesn’t even have a profile picture says about you online.

“And it would be very hard to be on a show like Geordie Shore if I was going to be bothered about that.”

Even though she’s an absolute natural behind a microphone (make sure you check out episode number two, out now) Crosby didn’t actually want to do her own show.

“I can’t sit here and say, ‘I’ve always wanted to do a podcast. I’m so excited,”‘ she admitted. “Because it was the complete opposite. I thought podcasts were so boring and I’ve never heard a podcast from start to finish because nothing interests us that much.”

However, during the global pandemic and a prolonged lockdown, Crosby found herself with “absolutely nothing going on”.

“All of the work stopped,” she said before adding: “After a while I sit down and think, well, there’s nothing going on. There’s nothing else to do, what’s the harm in just giving it a try?

“And actually, it turns out that I actually really, really enjoyed sitting in front of the mic and not being told what to say or how I should say something or how something is going to come across and I can just say whatever I want to.”

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