Chris Hemsworth Teases Major Stunts in Netflix’s “Extraction 2”

Chris Hemsworth Stars in Netflix's Extraction 2
Netflix / Jasin Boland

Chris Hemsworth returns in all his glory for the stunt-packed sequel to one of Netflix’s most beloved modern action movies, “Extraction.” The original film came out back in 2020, chock-full of gunfights, explosions, and an ambiguous ending that left many viewers wondering whether Hemsworth would be coming back at all. But thanks to producers Joe and Anthony Russo, as well as stuntman-turned-director Sam Hargrave, audiences at home will finally get the follow-up they’ve been waiting for with “Extraction 2.”

In a December 2022 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hemsworth teased his incredible stunts in the new movie. “We sort of went for the moon,” he said of the film’s action sequences. “In a very crowded world of action, I think we did something that’s very unique.” He added that there was “something so satisfying” about doing so many practical stunts for the movie. He explained, “Not to take anything away from the special-effects-filled sort of Marvel film, but you have a lot of help in post-production there. Obviously, I can’t fly, so they help through me that. Whereas in this film, the action is grounded in reality, and so much of it is on camera. So, it’s a different energy, and the preparation is a lot more extensive.”

“Extraction” and the sequel are based on the graphic novel “Ciudad” by Ande Parks, from a story created by Parks and the Russo brothers, with illustrations done by Fernando León González and Eric Skillman. For those looking for a good, old-fashioned action-movie experience without having to go all the way to the theater, Hemsworth has got you covered. Read on to get your first look at “Extraction 2” and find out everything else we know about the sequel so far.

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