Christine Quinn Explains How She Negotiated the Highest Salary on “Selling Sunset”


Christine Quinn is finally offering insight into the question on every “Selling Sunset” fan’s mind: how much do the cast members actually get paid? After recently confirming her return for season six despite leaving the Oppenheim Group, Quinn opened up about the pay structure for the reality stars on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast on May 18.

“I think it’s all about recognising your worth.”

While Quinn didn’t reveal any exact numbers, she shared there are three different pay tiers for the cast, and she and Jason Oppenheim are paid the most. “I’m gonna get sued after this. I don’t care. You can’t afford my lawyers,” she added before explaining. The reason she takes home the highest salary isn’t because of any production agreement or screen time – it’s simply because she hired her own lawyer to negotiate the best deal. “That was me, with my entertainment attorney, basically saying, this is my value. I think it’s all about recognising your worth,” she said.

She continued, “When we went into the show, we all have separate lawyers. The majority of the cast is represented by one lawyer, but obviously, I had to find my own entertainment attorney and do my own thing. They told us that there’s tiers. I was the one who came to the whole entire cast and said, ‘Listen, if we need to get paid what I believe we all deserve as a whole, because we are all equals, we need to band together and be on the same page.’ But it didn’t work and some people were eager to sign their contracts right away, which immediately tiered them in a different group. I was the last one to sign my contract.” Quinn also added that though the cast tries to re-negotiate their salaries every season, they were “stuck in a bracket” for the first two. “The episodic rate didn’t even cover glam for a day,” she said.

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The reality star also went on to debunk the fake storylines on the show, particularly in season five, revealing “Selling Sunset” has “six full-time storyboarders who create narratives.” “What they do is, they write the storylines and depending on how things change in real world, in our lives, they can kind of rotate the story lines,” they said. She claimed her alleged bribe – in which Quinn was accused of offering $5,000 to one of Emma Hernan’s clients for not working with her – was a fake story. She also spoke about allegations of misconduct against show creator Adam DiVello, in which she stated that “he actually told me to go fall on the stairs and kill myself at one point,” in addition to DiVello’s ban from the Oppenheim Group office due to misconduct.

Hear more from Quinn on her full “Call Her Daddy” interview on Spotify.

POPSUGAR has reached out to DiVello for comment.

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