“Claim to Fame” Season 2 Opens With a Meltdown From an A-List Actor’s Niece

ABC / John Fleenor

“Claim to Fame” is back for a second season and we can’t wait to find out who everyone’s celebrity relative is. Hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, the ABC show takes 12 people who are related to celebrities and makes them live together while trying to uncover who each person’s relation really is.

In episode one, which premiered on June 26, each contestant introduces their famous relation during a game of two truths and a lie (though viewers at home don’t hear all three things for each person). Each contestant has to say what the relationship is, what the person’s job is, and the biggest award that person has ever received, and they can only lie about one of those things. Later in the episode, they compete in a talent show and at the end, the house votes on a person who has to guess who someone’s celebrity relative is. In the premiere episode, the first person chosen for the task guesses correctly and reveals that one of his housemates is related to one of the most famous and successful actors working today (more of that ahead).

“Claim to Fame” season one was a fan-favorite show in the summer of 2022, so viewers can’t wait to further dive into this new batch of contestants. Ahead, learn more about every “Claim to Fame” season two contestant and what we know about their mystery famous relative – including the two whose relatives we can already confirm.

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