This One Clue During MAFS Confessions Week That Points to Coco and Cameron’s Budding Relationship


During the very first dinner party of Married at First Sight season eight, we bore witness to the irreparable cracks forming between Samantha Harvey and her groom, Cameron Dunne.

Then, just as expert John Aiken warned, instead of a commitment ceremony the following day (as seen in previous seasons), the couple were now facing a move into their new apartment to set up home as husband and wife.

While the main focus has mostly been on Dunne and Harvey, Coco Steadman and her new husband Sam Carraro is also falling apart at the seams.

For Carraro, Steadman’s personality has proved too much for him, however, the pilates teacher was “willing to give their relationship a red hot go”, that is until the dreaded and ultimate bombshell — confessions week.

Throughout this “monumental addition” to the series, contestants are faced with a series of tasks including ones that are confronting to “promote honest communication” and it’s here, that we finally see a major clue that points to Steadman and Dunne’s impending relationship.

During the task where couples are asked to rank the other brides and grooms in order from least attractive to most attractive, Steadman puts Dunne second.

Yes, yes, we know she puts Jake Edwards first, however, we also know that Dunne is the one caught up in the cheating scandal and also, just like hers, is in a marriage most likely to fail.

Last week, Punkee‘s investigating prowess, saw them figure out that Steadman and Dunne were part of a cheating scandal.

In the beginning promo from the very first episode, a voiceover said “temptation will beckon” and shows a couple sitting on the couch with a man’s hand on the woman’s leg.

“There’s definitely that spark, and I wish the experts had matched us,” the voice we’ve come to know is Steadman, is heard saying.

Physically, the characteristics also match the pair and with everything else that’s transpiring (including confession week revelations), we’re now quite certain it’s about to happen.

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