The Married at First Sight Confessions Week Explained

We’ve only had one week of Married at First Sight Australia and already, three couples — Samantha Harvey and Cameron Dunne, Jake Edwards and Beck Zemeck plus Coco Steadman and Sam Carraro — are proving that this experiment is truly hard work.

Now, a “monumental addition” has dropped into the experiment. Confessions week.

According to expert, John Aiken, “confessions week is a brand new addition to the experiment designed to fast-track the getting to know you phase. The sooner our couples are forced to confront and confess their true feelings, thoughts and secrets, the sooner they’ll get to know each other on a deeper level.”

Throughout the week, contestants will face a series of tasks including ones that will be confronting, to “promote honest communication” and boy, oh boy, do they deliver.

The first task sees the couples ranking the other contestants in attractiveness – including their own. The object is to test just how honest each couple can be with one another, and how they react to these decisions.

The second challenge sees the brides and grooms in a letter-writing task, confessing feelings and truths to one another and with more tasks to come, we’re sure to see these very fragile relationships crumble…

It’s awkward television at its finest!

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