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The Crown Season 3 Trailer

The Kingdom Is Falling Apart in the Tense Trailer For The Crown Season 3

The official trailer for The Crown's highly anticipated third season is finally here, and it has us more excited for what's to come than ever.

As a reminder, the cast of season three is filled with all new actors. Since the show follows the rise and fall of Queen Elizabeth II's reign in the British monarchy, we always knew that a few different stars were going to play the key characters over the years so as to accurately portray their progressing age (instead of, say, using extensive prosthetic makeup). The season three trailer — which follow-ups on two shorter clips dropped in August and September — features The Favourite's Olivia Colman stepping into the heels previously worn by Claire Foy. It shows the Queen reflecting on how she's aged, even referring to herself as an "old Bat," before insisting that "one just has to get on with it." She's the only main character we get a glimpse of, but we can assume the new Princess Margaret (aka Helena Bonham Carter) will look just as incredible.

Watch the tense trailer above, then check out the other sneak peeks ahead! And as you wait for season three to arrive on Nov. 17, be sure to view all the photos Netflix has released of the new stars.

Teaser #1

Teaser #2

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