“Yellowjackets” Season 2 Introduces a New Team Member – Meet Crystal


“Yellowjackets” season two adds a new character to the squad of teenage girls lost in the woods: Nuha Jes Izman as Crystal. Technically, within the show’s canon, Crystal has been there the whole time, but the character and actor weren’t actually in season one. The new episodes give Crystal and all her quirks space to shine.

Here’s everything we know about the new character and what role she might play in “Yellowjackets” going forward.

Who Is Crystal on “Yellowjackets”?

Crystal is a member of the “Yellowjackets” who usually plays on the JV soccer team, but was enlisted to travel with them to nationals. In the season premiere, she bonds with Misty (Samantha Hanratty), who’s been ostracized by the group thanks to that whole “accidentally drugging them with magic mushrooms” thing in season one. Like Misty, Crystal loves music and musical theater; she often gets yelled at by the others for singing and humming. The pair bond over their appreciation, and Misty is happy to have an ally, while Crystal seems content to officially have an “in” with one of her fellow castaways.

Who Plays Crystal on “Yellowjackets”?

Nuha Jes Izman plays Crystal. The 20-year-old is a Malaysian actor who, according to Deadline, relocated to New York City to study acting at the Stella Adler Studio. According to the school’s website, she graduated in 2022. In Malaysia, she started the Tree Theatre Group with her father and brother, an NGO that raised awareness about the environment through theater. They performed throughout the world, including in Sweden, China, Kenya, and the United States. Izman previously appeared on CBS’s “FBI.”

Is Adult Crystal Alive on “Yellowjackets”?

Casting for adult Crystal hasn’t been announced. It’s very possible she will die in the woods – perhaps during season two? – and that she was introduced so that the audience will have more of a connection to future victims in the woods. But there are also characters like Lottie and Van, who people assumed were dead during season one only to learn that they survived the crash and the 19 months after. Ultimately, anything could happen to Crystal.

Is Crystal the Girl Running in the First Episode?

Ever since the “Yellowjackets” pilot, fans have wondered about the identity of the girl who’s chased into a pit and eaten by the remaining Yellowjackets during flashbacks throughout the episode. It’s hard to make out the girl’s identity; the only clues are that she has long dark hair and is wearing Jackie’s necklace (but since Jackie (Ella Purnell) died in season one, we know it’s not her). Crystal does have long dark hair, so she very well could be the first cannibalism victim viewers ever saw.

“Yellowjackets” season two streams Fridays and airs on Showtime on Sundays.

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