POP Picks: Making Friends As An Adult Is Hard, So Dakota Johnson Made a Film About It


Forget the typical coming-out story. Am I OK? breaks new ground by daring to explore the intricate, rarely portrayed complexities of adult friendships. Directed by Tig Notaro and her wife Stephanie Allynne, Am I OK? premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, where it garnered significant attention. It’s no secret we’re big fans of Dakota Johnson, so we’ve been waiting for it ever since. Now, it’s set to drop on BINGE on June 7.

Am I OK? follows 32-year-old receptionist Lucy, who’s played brilliantly by Dakota Johnson. Lucy is coming to terms with her sexuality, and the film is all about the bittersweet complexities of coming out later in life. It’s a refreshing and deeply relatable narrative for adults navigating similar paths, and adds depth and authenticity to the film.

Here’s why Am I OK? is a must-watch.

Dakota Johnson Offers a Fresh Take on Coming Out in Am I OK?


At the heart of Am I OK? is the beautifully depicted friendship between Lucy and Jane. How often do we see films that truly explore the profound bonds of adult friendships? Lucy and Jane’s relationship is a testament to the comfort, history, and emotional support these connections provide. When Jane announces her move to London, it sends shockwaves through their friendship, underscoring the irreplaceable impact such bonds have on our lives.

However, what sets Am I OK? apart is its commitment to authenticity. The conversations between Lucy and Jane are raw and real, capturing the awkwardness and genuine emotion of true human interactions. There’s no Hollywood gloss here — just unfiltered moments that make you feel like you’re witnessing real-life experiences. The scenes where Lucy comes out to Jane are especially poignant, filled with vulnerability and heartfelt support.

Growth and Self-Discovery


The film masterfully portrays the parallel journeys of self-discovery for both Lucy and Jane. As Lucy tentatively steps into her new identity, Jane realises just how essential Lucy is to her life. Their growth and the way they grapple with these changes are heartwarming and inspiring, reminding us that stepping out of our comfort zones, though challenging, can lead to significant personal development.

However, Am I OK? also manages to balance moments of humour with heartfelt emotion. While it doesn’t shy away from the pain of long-distance friendship, it also includes lighter, comedic moments. Characters like Kat (Molly Gordon) and Jane’s boss Stu (Sean Hayes) provide comic relief, even if their portrayals can sometimes be a bit exaggerated.

Under Tig Notaro’s sensitive direction, the film becomes a beautiful meditation on the time we invest in friendships, self-understanding, and coping with change. The film honours the slow, sometimes painful journey of personal and relational growth, making it a poignant tribute to the enduring power of friendship.

Conclusion: A Must-Watch Gem

Am I OK? is a unique, heartfelt film that explores adult friendships and late-blooming self-discovery with remarkable authenticity and emotional depth. It invites viewers to reflect on their own relationships and the powerful dynamics that shape them. If you’re looking for a movie that balances humour with raw emotion and offers a fresh perspective on friendship and coming out, then Am I OK? is definitely worth watching. Trust us, it’s a story that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

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