Does MAFS’ Dan Have a New Girlfriend? What Really Went Down After the Second Dinner Party

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It’s been two weeks since the start of the “Married at First Sight” experiment, which means it’s time for another dinner party and even more drama.

A few bombshells were dropped at the dinner table tonight, which saw tensions flare between couples. And this time it was Janelle caught in the middle, holding on to information that fell in her lap.

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The bride reveals she overheard her ‘husband’ Adam on the phone with Harrison, who went out with Dan on the weekend. She is left to believe that Dan got a woman’s phone number on the night. Not only is Tahnee shocked to hear that it was Dan, but so were the experts.

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Janelle feels both emotional and “guilty” over the information she overheard, but wants to let Sandy know. Meanwhile, at the table, Adam tells Harrison that Janelle wants to speak about what she overheard. But what he doesn’t know is that they all think it’s Dan who was being shady.

What Went Down at the MAFS Dinner Party?

In an interview with producers, Harrison comes clean that it was in fact him who got a woman’s number on the weekend, not Dan. Basically, some girls approached the pair during a night out and asked them for their numbers. As Harrison recalls, he took the girl’s number with the intention to delete it straight after she left. 

Once Harrison realises all the focus is on Dan, he takes this as an opportunity to throw the groom under the bus, in order to keep himself out of the drama.

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“By some miracle, it seems that Janelle’s heard that Dan got a phone number and not me. I’m just dumbfounded,” he tells cameras.

A sneaky Harrison tells Dan about the situation but leaves out the part about everyone thinking it was just Dan involved. Dan is quick to tell his ‘wife’ Sandy about the rumours, but she doesn’t understand why his name would be brought up if it wasn’t the case. Overwhelmed by it all, the bride decides to walk out of the dinner party.

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Harrison Finally Comes Clean

Bronte clocks Sandy’s unexpected departure and questions Harrison as to what has gone wrong. To literally everyone’s surprise, the groom comes clean about it all and says that nothing happened. Bronte is unaffected by this news and thinks it’s natural for women to hit on him as he’s a “good-looking guy”.

When the group eventually catch onto the lies Harrison has been spinning throughout the night, Claire confronts Harrison about what happened with the phone number. Harrison defends himself, saying he did nothing wrong, and despite the group’s objections Bronte comes to Harrison’s defence and doubles down on his innocence, silencing the group’s opinions.

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But much like Claire’s facial expression, we’re not sold.

Does Dan Have a New Girlfriend?

The Daily Mail Australia spotted Dan making out another woman named Samantha Symes. Oh, and she also happened to be one his guests at their “MAFS” wedding. The gap between the show being filmed to actually going to air is months apart, and it appears these contestants aren’t doing a great job of keeping things low-key. Dan has been spotted with Samantha on numerous occasions, just four months after his wedding to Sandy.

“Married At First Sight” continues Sunday at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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