Luke Jacobz Now Wants to Do Musical Theatre and We’d Pay A Lot of Money To See That

Luke Jacobz

Dancing With the Stars: All Stars may have only been a two-week event, but the winner of the mirror ball trophy, Home and Away’s Luke Jacobz, looks like he has been dancing for years.

After scoring a perfect 40 out of 40 from the judges, Jacobz beat out favourite and runner-up, Bec Hewitt, to take home the coveted trophy and $20k for his selected charity, the Charlie Teo Foundation.

During his winner’s speech, Jacobz thanked the cast and crew of the series for allowing him to come back, before praising the judges and his dance partner Jorja Freeman for being so “encouraging”.

“Dancing is such an addictive drug and I love it so much, I don’t want to stop!” he further admitted.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph on Sunday, Jacobz revealed he was planning a surprising career change and was hoping to look for work in musical theatre.

“I’d love to see where it goes and maybe see what kind of work could be available in terms of musical productions,” he told the outlet. “Obviously I’m starting from zero in terms of my experience but I see it as a massive challenge if nothing else.”

In our humble opinion, Jacobz certainly has what it takes to succeed on stage because boy can he move! He has certainly been a mesmerising addition to the two-week event — and it’s unsurprising he was victorious, after already winning his first season in 2008.

“Dancing just ignites something in me,” he added. “It’s really weird because I certainly don’t come from a background of dancers or performers. My dad was a plumber and my mum worked in his office and my family are all very blue collar.”

Well, Luke, if you’re heading to the Lyric Theatre sometime soon, then take all our money! We’ll be there front-row and centre!

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