Damn Daniel! Our Newest Resident Villain Has Entered the Big Brother House

Daniel Big Brother
Instagram @daniel_hayes3

Melbourne-based Daniel is pathologically driven to succeed — or so his official bio says.

If you thought Angela Clancy was outspoken last year, you haven’t met Daniel Hayes — Big Brother Australia’s resident “blunt, antagonistic and unconventional” housemate.

From episode one, you’ll see that there’s more than meets the eye with this real estate mogul and if you think he’s going to be underestimated, think again.

Daniel dropped out of high school in year 10, however, has managed to run a successful real estate business, write a tell-all book and own a $500k Ferrari.

This 48-year-old is “deadly serious” about winning Big Brother, and will not hold back. He’s planned to play it hard, laugh hard and maybe even love a little bit too.

A heart of gold under that cold exterior, if the father-of-two were to win the prize money, he would give some to the locals of Northern Laos and share the rest between his business partner, kids and his mum.


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