Oodie Founder David Fogarty Makes Reality TV Debut on “Shark Tank Australia”

davie fogarty shark tank australia

Davie Fogarty, the mastermind behind The Oodie, takes his entrepreneurial magic to the stage of “Shark Tank Australia“. As the founder of Davie Group, he’s set to inspire and propel entrepreneurs to success with his innovation, knowledge, and passion.

But who is David, and how did he get to where he is today? Well, that’s where we come in handy. Here’s what you need to know about “Shark Tank Australia” judge David Fogarty.

Get to Know “Shark Tank Australia” Judge David Fogarty

At just 28 years old, Davie Fogarty has achieved what many only dream of. Hailing from Adelaide, he’s not only a successful entrepreneur but also a visionary with an impressive net worth of $500 million. The mastermind behind the Davie Group, he oversees 10 thriving consumer brands, including popular ventures like The Oodie, Pupnaps, and Calming Blankets.

Davie’s impact extends beyond his business ventures. With over 311k subscribers on his YouTube channel, he generously shares his E-commerce wisdom. His free guide to building e-commerce has resonated with aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing his ability to educate and empower through his online presence.

Davie’s Journey to Success

Davie’s journey began early. He started by baking and selling biscuits at school, a venture that was a mix of lessons and laughter. His parents’ small furniture shop further kindled his passion for business, fostering a deep connection to the entrepreneurial world from a young age.

Davie’s success wasn’t instantaneous. His journey was marked by failures and slow, chaotic progress. He learned by doing, mastering skills like building websites, running Facebook ads, and creating products. Each failure brought him closer to his breakthrough, exemplified by the triumph of Calming Blankets and The Oodie.

Don’t Underestimate Him

Underestimation due to his age didn’t deter Davie. Instead, it fuelled his determination to prove his capabilities. He emerged stronger, armed with the resolve to guide young entrepreneurs away from pitfalls he’d encountered. With an empire built on dedication, persistence, and resilience, he’s ready to leverage his Midas touch on “Shark Tank”.

Davie’s excitement for the show isn’t just about investment. It’s rooted in his passion for nurturing Aussie entrepreneurship. He understands the journey of translating ideas into reality, and his desire to support fellow dreamers is at the heart of his involvement in the show.

“Shark Tank Australia” premieres Tuesday, 29 August at 7.30 pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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