After Suffering Trauma from MAFS, Davina Rankin Found Happiness Through I’m a Celeb

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Davina Rankin was first introduced to the world as the villain of reality TV show Married At First Sight. Experiencing widespread criticism, she decided to lay low after the show finished airing for the sake of her mental health.

But it was I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! that welcomed her back on screen with open arms, and this time, viewers at home were thrilled to see her. Since day one, Davina showed off who she really is, and opened up about how her time on MAFS affected her and her loved ones.

A lot has happened since her stint on the show, for one, she’s welcomed a beautiful baby girl, gotten engaged and also wrote a series of children’s books. It’s safe to say Davina has done quite well for herself despite all odds being against her. 

The reality star opened up to POPSUGAR Australia about life in the jungle and how the experience changed her perspective.

POPSUGAR Australia: You’ve remained out of the public eye ever since MAFS, so what made you want to enter the jungle for I’m A Celeb?

Davina Rankin: I’m a Celeb is such a happy, fun show and I always felt really good after the show finished. It’s not one of those icky shows that make you feel sick and anxious — except for when you’re watching a challenge. It’s such an uplifting show, and enough time has gone past for me now that MAFS wasn’t so relevant. I’ve grown an enormous amount as a person and was able to put that PTSD behind me, and I think being able to put myself back out there could close that chapter for me. I can move forward without being the MAFS person.

PS: You spoke about your time on MAFS while you were in the jungle. Did you feel a weight was lifted off your shoulders?

DR: Absolutely! Even just the enormous amount of support and love that I got since that episode aired was so beautiful. I just never would have expected such a great outcome.

PS: Do you feel like you’ve come out of the jungle a different person?

DR: Absolutely. The jungle is, I can’t even explain it, it just changes you. The bond that you create with these amazing people, the things that you talk about, the challenges that you do, you kind of come out of there (and think), “I can do anything”. Even when I was gardening the other day, I just picked up a grasshopper and moved it, no worries. So you come out of it thinking, “I’m a bid of a bad bitch. I can handle things that I never thought I could.” 

PS: You have a little girl, how did she feel watching you on TV and completing all these crazy challenges?

DR: Oh she thinks it’s so fun! It’s like Where’s Wally every time I come on, she’s like “Mummy!” It’s so great to be able to experience that with her and to have my family sitting down and watching, cheering me on. It’s definitely completely different to the first show, but it’s really beautiful.

PS: Was there a sense of relief when you were told you were heading home?

DR: Yeah, well that day I was really missing my family in particular. So when I was at the bottom three, I thought you know what, I would love to stay for my charity and my friends but also, yes! I get to see my baby girl and eat smashed avo on toast for breakfast. All of those luxuries that you really just take for granted and that first week of just being back at home, it was like I was seeing the world in new colours again. It really has changed the way I look at things.

PS: Who do you think will be crowned the winner this year?

DR: I truly think Mr Dylan Lewis will win, I think Australia will just fall in love with him. He’s an amazing man with an amazing heart, and so so talented, and cares about everyone. I’m really thinking Dylan may be the number one favourite.

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