MAFS’ Brett Reveals Whether He and Booka Are Able to Patch Things Up

Booka and Brett

Early on in the Married at First Sight experiment, Booka Nile and Brett Helling were a favourite couple to not only us but were also smitten themselves.

Then all of a sudden, during feedback week, everything turned sour when Patrick Dwyer wrote a letter telling Nile she made everything about her… and never about Helling.

While we were graced with an epic song (“Brett, Brett, Brett, Brett”) and a ‘Palace of Brett’, their relationship began to crumble in front of our very eyes.

During Fitzy and Wippa’s Married at First Sight Dinner Party, Helling admitted that he actually “quite liked” the ‘Palace of Brett’, however, would not give much away whether the pair were able to move forward.

“Where f–k are we going to turn to?,” he said, after Michael “Wippa” Wipfli asked him if things would turn around.

“After Patrick‘s letter,’where are we going to go?’,” he said. “Put it this way, I will say that I wanted to make up from where we were and I didn’t want to carry that sort of negativity through to the future so watch and see.” Cryptic!

When asked if he liked Nile’s “musical singalong”, Helling responded: “She actually has a beautiful voice but the metal music sounds like a car crash!” Ouch.

Earlier in March, the So Dramatic! podcast reported that Nile and Helling don’t even make it to the final commitment ceremony and according to host Megan Pustetto, Helling had made some sexist comments about his bride causing their relationship to suffer.

Now, another telling clue points to the couple’s fate. A new song released by Nile and one of her rock bands, Internet Fans, proves the pair are no longer, after a Helling look-a-like is shown in the video clip.

Found by Pedestrian TV, the song is titled Beam Me Up Soft/F–kboi and calls out a so-called “f–boi” who hides behind a “softboi” attitude.

You can check out the full lyrics here and decide for yourself.

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