MAFS’ Bryce Seems to Think That Beck Was Seeing Another Guy Outside of the Experiment


There’s no doubt that Married at First Sight’s Bryce Ruthven is a polarising character, but if you ask him about it — he has absolutely zero regrets.

Attending the Fitzy and Wippa Married at First Sight Dinner Party held in Sydney on March 31, Ruthven and his TV wife, Melissa Rawson (who are very much still together) were asked if they had spoken to their arch-nemesis, Beck Zemeck, since filming wrapped.

“No not at all, no I haven’t spoken to her at all and I’m going to be really respectful and say that,” Rawson admitted before Ruthven dropped an absolute bombshell.

According to Ruthven, the reason Zemeck and her MAFS husband, Jake Edwards, had not yet been intimate on the show was because Zemeck had someone else on her mind.

“She was missing a boy back home,” he said, before literally dropping the mic he was holding.

“She wants to talk about me a lot, I should probably talk about her shouldn’t I? I’m not going to say yes or no to that, I’m just going to say watch the reunion.” Oooh! The suspense!

During the same chat, Michael “Wippa” Wipfli and Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald ask listener questions from an “honesty box”.

“Why do you think people are so taken aback by your personality?” Wippa asked the former radio announcer.

Um, I think I’m a straight shooter,” he said. “I’m very outgoing but at the same time, I call a spade a spade and put the facts out there and let everyone else stew and work it out.”

Fitzy then asked the 31-year-old about the commitment ceremony where Ruthven wrote “leave”, crossed it out and then wrote, “stay”. Asking if it was to “create more drama for the show?”.

“No, the bullying that was happening, I thought ‘you know what. You’re not on a national TV show every day and if someone is going to do that, I was going to pull it up.

“Right or wrong, I have said what I said, I don’t regret what I did at all but it did hurt Melissa. I probably should’ve had this chat but at the end of the day, I wrote stay because we didn’t want Rebecca to hurt us as a couple. If we let Rebecca and her words hurt us as a couple well then she’s won.”

Ruthven also admitted that he “didn’t have a go” at his mum, after her show-stopping appearance on the show.

“To be honest, she was probably saying what the whole of Australia thought. I probably needed to hear it,” he said.

As for Rawson, the hosts asked her what she saw in her husband.

Definitely his personality…unless there’s another secret girlfriend that wants to come out tonight!” she said. “He is very genuine, he was 100% the most genuine kindest person I’ve met. When my mum saw Bryce she said I think you need to lock him down!”

As for the rumours about him messaging another girl?

I didn’t believe that, there’s a lot of controversy around that conversation, Bryce was very honest with me from the beginning and I was very understanding about his past.”

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