All the '90s and 2000s Teen-Movie Easter Eggs You Probably Missed in “Do Revenge”

Everett Collection / Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection

Though Netflix’s latest campy revenge comedy, “Do Revenge”, is set in a Gen-Z world, it cleverly imbues the angsty teenage drama with classic nods to popular movies from the ’90s and the early aughts. Directed and cowritten by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (“Someone Great”), “Do Revenge” tells the story of a former It girl, Drea (Camila Mendes), whose social status at her preppy high school takes a massive hit when her sex tape gets leaked by her boyfriend (played by “Euphoria“‘s Austin Abrams) while all her fair-weather friends turn against her. Fueled with rage, Drea joins hands with newly transferred Eleanor (Maya Hawke) to exact revenge on those who hurt them in the past.

While the chaotic duo’s elaborate retaliation plans and antics are hilariously delicious to witness, the little Easter eggs peppered throughout the plot made the whole 120-minute ride all the more gratifying and enjoyable for teen-movie aficionados. From recreating certain beloved aspects of cult-classic teen movies like “Cruel Intentions” and “Mean Girls” to incorporating subtle callbacks from “Jawbreaker” and “Promising Young Women,” here are all the ways in which “Do Revenge” deftly pays homage to nostalgic Y2K cinema.

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