7 Ways Elizabeth Holmes Displayed Her Obsession With Steve Jobs

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The story of Elizabeth Holmes is fascinating and puzzling. The Theranos founder was once considered to be the youngest self-made billionaire at the height of her career, with her company valued at $9 billion. Now, she faces up to 20 years in prison for fraudulent business practices while she led her company to its billion-dollar valuation.

Considering her messy downfall, you might be surprised to learn that, during her Theranos days, Holmes was seen by the media and her many investors as the woman Steve Jobs because of her visionary and revolutionary ideas in healthcare and technology. But this wasn’t just a connection the media made on a whim. Holmes herself was obsessed with the Apple founder and actually tried to emulate several of his characteristics and practices in her own life.

Just when you thought Holmes couldn’t get any more, let’s say, interesting, another surprising quirk is unveiled. Here are all the ways the Theranos leader was obsessed with Jobs, and some will definitely shock you.

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