Wondering Where You’ve Seen Emily Alyn Lind Prior to the Gossip Girl Reboot? We’ve Got the Answer

Emily Alyn Lind gossip girl

We’ve finally been rewarded with the first episode of the long-awaited Gossip Girl reboot (and we already know who GG is this time!) and it’s safe to say we are already loving it.

From the fashion, the shots of New York City and the Easter Eggs thrown in as an homage to the original series, the reboot is shaping up to be everything we were hoping for.

The diversity of the new cast is also something we are loving, which, let’s be very honest with ourselves, was something the OG definitely lacked. From Jordan Alexander to Whitney Peak and Savannah Smith, it is amazing to see better representation in the HBO reimagining.

If you found yourself wondering where you had seen Audrey Hope (Emily Alyn Lind) before, then we are right there with you!

In Gossip Girl, Audrey has some very Blair Waldorf-esque traits in that she is always perfectly put together, has a steady boyfriend (Aki, played by Evan Mock) and has a somewhat dysfunctional home life.

However, that dysfunctional family dynamic is nothing compared to the one the character she previously played had to deal with.

You might remember that Lind, 19, previously played the Young Amanda Clarke in the hit drama series Revenge, and her scenes were always pretty intense!

If you recall, the plot of Revenge centred around a young woman whose life had been torn apart when her dad was framed and then falsely imprisoned for committing an act of terror. As an adult, Amanda Clarke (Emily Van Camp) assumed the fake identity of Emily Thorne and returned to the Hamptons to seek revenge on all of the filthy rich folk who were responsible for her dear dad’s demise.

Lind was seen in the flashback scenes of the show that depicted either happier times at the beach before her father was framed, or the rather disturbing scenes of his arrest and Amanda’s life in the aftermath.

Lind has also enjoyed roles in movies such as The Babysitter and Doctor Sleep and Lights Out along with television shows such as Code Black and Criminal Minds.

You can follow her on Instagram @emilylind

Gossip Girl is now streaming in Australia, only on BINGE.

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