How to Watch the 75th Emmy Awards in Australia


Award season has well and truly kicked off! First, the Golden Globes, and second, the Critics’ Choice Awards. But now, the Emmys Awards are back, and this time, they’ve decided to keep us on our toes with a January rendezvous. It’s a bit unusual, considering the Emmys have been doing the September dance for over 70 years, right before the US fall TV season kicks off. But hey, 2024 is here, and the 75th Emmy Awards are finally making their grand entrance.

Hosting this shindig is none other than Anthony Anderson, the funny guy from “Black-Ish”. As for frontrunners, “Succession” is the name on everyone’s lips. Seriously, they practically owned the Golden Globes. Fourteen nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series – it’s like they’re on a victory lap. And let’s not forget “The White Lotus”, another heavy-hitter with 14 nods.

Oh, and “The Bear”! Remember that Golden Globes sensation? Well, they’re keeping the momentum going at the Emmys with a bunch of nominations, including the coveted Outstanding Comedy Series.

So, here’s how you can watch the Emmy Awards in Australia, and why we’re watching the 2023 Emmys in 2024.

Why the Delay?

Now, why are we talking about the 2023 Emmys in 2024? Cast your mind back to 2023, the year Hollywood’s finest went on strike, demanding fair pay in the face of streaming supremacy and threats of an AI takeover. The actors, our true heroes, emerged victorious, but it threw a bit of a spanner in the awards schedule. So, after a bit of a hiatus, we’re finally ready to roll with the 2023 Emmys, however, in 2024.

When to Watch the 75th Emmy Awards

The prestigious awards ceremony is set to take place at 8 pm US ET on Monday, January 15th. For Aussies, mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 16th, starting at 12 pm AEDT. The red carpet begins at 9 am because, let’s face it, the red carpet is practically a show on its own.

Where to Watch the Emmy Awards In Australia

For your front-row seat to the 2023 Emmys, Binge is your go-to streaming platform. And if you’re living that Foxtel life, well, lucky you you’re in for the Emmy party too.

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