All the Wild Things That Happened In Episode 2 of ‘Married at First Sight’ Australia


It’s episode two of Married at First Sight 2021 and it already feels like we’ve been watching this for months.

In tonight’s episode, we see three more weddings — Samantha and Cameron, Booka and Brett and Coco and Sam. We also checked in on our first two couples and it seems that one couple has “consummated” their marriage while the other…did not.

Here are all the wild things that happened on Episode 2, Season 8 of Married at First Sight Australia.

We Check In With Bryce, Melissa, Bec and Jake

We begin with a crazy alarm that just won’t let up — much like Bryce and Melissa’s grins after they’re asked if they had “consummated” their marriage. The answer is yes, they did, but only “maybe a little bit…”

According to Melissa, Bryce “comforted” her when the alarm went off, “trying to protect her from the noise” and you know, one thing leads to another and yada, yada, yada. You get the point.

Melissa says that it is a “big deal” since she has been single for such a long time, and honestly, if this turns into Bryce breaking her heart, I’m out.

Bryce, although looking pretty chuffed with himself, admits he’s already broken the rule on night one (his rule), however manages to convince himself it’s OK because he was “settling her nerves” and was “protecting” her from “all that noise”.

When we check in on Bec and Jake, we find out that they have spent the night in different rooms and to be fair, I think Bec would have been more comfortable in a separate house.

Jake describes his new bride as “unique”, but he likes that about her and thinks there’s a connection there. Frankly, I see more of a connection between her and the English Breakfast Tea he so kindly made her.

Samantha and Cameron’s Wedding — Sydney, NSW

While we met Samantha Harvey at the hens party, this time, we are introduced to a softer side and a heartbreaking story.

One day while decluttering, Samantha found numerous sim cards with lots of different numbers and came to the realisation that her husband had been cheating on her for more than five years. 

“It was humiliating,” she told producers. Samantha then packed her and her two sons’ clothes into a garbage bag and left with only $1.50 to her name — a brave story and one that changed her life irrevocably. 

For her new husband-to-be, crane operator Cameron, he has “old school values and old school morals” and considers himself a “catch”. Unfortunately, he has that age-old issue of getting into a relationship and immediately wondering if it will work out. Same, Cam, same.

At their ceremony, and as most of these relationships go, Cameron and Samantha seem to hit it off straight away.

During their photos, Cameron asks if Samantha has been married before and if she has kids — really going in for the hard stuff straight away. Cameron then admits that Samantha having kids “genuinely” scares him. Eeep.

At the reception, we learn that Cameron used to be “bigger” than he is now so is a regular gym go-er. Samantha on the other hand has never stepped foot inside a gym. This causes concern for her groom who decides that he is more concerned about living a single life and having the pressure of “taking on three people instead of one”.

Luckily, Cameron decides that Samantha is “genuine” and decides to relax a bit and…

Awww! So cute!

Booka and Brett’s Wedding — Hunter Valley, NSW

Rocker Booka Nile spends nine out of 12 months of the year playing in her rock band and even though she lives the life some would only dream of, it’s a challenging way to find a soul mate. In fact, Booka spends most of her time with “30 dudes” so any husband that she finds would have to compete with that.

When it comes to her parents’ relationship, they “literally get happiness out of making each other happy” and lordy, give me some of that.

John describes Booka as a “deep thinker” and decides that electrician and psychology student Brett Helling, is the perfect match for her. While John thinks he will match her on an intellectual level, Brett describes himself as a “stinky onion”. Deep.

Before their wedding, Brett catches up with his very handsome groomsman and says that he’s been visualising someone with a “good heart” — and, you know what you guys? I have a sneaking suspicion that the experts have got this very, very right.

At their ceremony, the couple share a “tender” kiss which Brett “wants more” of. Cute!

“The experts have done a great job, yeah!”

At their reception, Brett says that he is in “awe” of his new bride and honestly, this union is melting my heart.

Just look at his face, would you!

Coco and Sam’s Wedding — Hunter Valley

Coco Steadman, 30, has already made a lasting impression on fans of the show, and because we got to see a whole lot more of her on tonight’s episode, I am absolutely thrilled.

The pilates studio owner says that people around her need to ride the “Coco wave”, and to be honest, I am all here for it.

Coco was previously married, however it lasted only six months, because according to her, her ex-husband loved his mother more than he loved his wife.

“It was so hard to feel like you had to compete for someone’s love,” she said, before giving the best piece of advice.”Keep your heels and your standards high, ladies!” Amen.

The experts decide that clothing brand designer and “hustler” Sam Carraro, 32, can “step up and be a solid match” for her.

Sam has previously struggled to find a relationship because he has no filter and for someone like me, who struggles to think before I speak, it got me deep in the feels.

Luckily for him, Sam’s dog Willow is the perfect antidote to his loneliness… and with a face like that, who really needs a partner.

Before Coco’s wedding, she screams with excitement and admits she’s done “a few nervous poos”. A little TMI, but it’s certainly a vibe.

Sam on the other hand gets ready by zipping up his black sneaker shoe thingos, which, is also… a vibe.

During their ceremony, Coco goes full “Coco” (in the best possible way) and Sam says she’s “a little bit different to what he’s used to” and is “just, um, a little bit thrown by her”.

During their photo shoot, Coco admits that there isn’t that initial [insert grunting noises here], however, there is an “I want to get to know him a little bit” vibe. Although when she tries by asking if he likes “trance”, he shuts her down. In fact, he’s a little shocked that she “has a personality”…

Straight away, he decides to be “brutally honest” and says, “she’s not my type”. Oh boy.

At the reception, Sam struggles with his new bride and Coco feels that the more she tries, the more awkward it is. To throw it back to the two of them, it’s a pretty big struggle and very awkward to watch…

Coco then takes Sam for some one-on-one time and he realises he may have judged her too quickly. And yes, Sam. You certainly have.

Until episode three…

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