10 Questions We Have For the Writers of “Euphoria”

Pexels/Anna Pyshniuk

Euphoria has been highly praised for its incredible acting, beautiful cinematography, and show-stopping fashion, and season two has propelled the show to a new level. “Variety” reported that viewership is up nearly 100% from season one and it’s taking over our TikTok feeds with fan theories and fun trends like “Euphoria High School” outfits inspired by the rule-breaking hallway fashion of the show.

It’s no wonder why the show’s been renewed for season three! Still, the show’s growing popularity has led to some criticism as well, with fans and critics alike pointing out major storylines that were dropped with little to no resolution (including those of some of our “Euphoria” favourites). Some even argue the show’s amazing cinematography and stellar cast is what distracts from the show’s overall weak storytelling, but you can decide for yourself.

Check out the most glaring “Euphoria” plot holes below.

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