Umm . . . Why Does Laurie Know Rue's Full Name?


A lot happens in the Feb. 6 episode of “Euphoria.” Jules (Hunter Schafer) tells Rue’s (Zendaya) mom (Nika King) that Rue is still using drugs. Rue outs Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) to Maddy (Alexa Demie) for sleeping with Nate (Jacob Elordi). And Rue finds herself running from her family, friends, and the cops to avoid being taken to rehab. In the end, she shows up at Laurie’s (Martha Kelly) apartment looking for forgiveness and more drugs. What she ends up with is not exactly what she bargained for (or is it?). What fans ended up with was an answer to what Rue’s full name is.

There’d been no indication that Rue’s first name was anything other than Rue during the whole first season and into the second season, since no one had called her anything else. But when Rue shows up to Laurie’s house, she calls her Ruby Bennett. It was definitely a shock to hear, for a couple reasons.

First of all, how the hell does Laurie know Rue’s real, full name? Like, has she been looking into Rue’s background? And if so, why? What is she planning? To say this makes us leery of Laurie would be an understatement. Some fans even think the fact that Laurie knows Rue’s name is so concerning, she should leave the country.

Then again, is Laurie even correct about Rue’s name, or is she just assuming? You’d think that at some point, Rue’s mom would refer to her as Ruby in all her lecturing and pleading with her to stop using, but she hasn’t. But one fan cleverly clocked that Rue’s full name may be Ruby from a previous episode. In season two, episode four, Rue’s name in Lexi’s play is revealed to be Jade, another gemstone connection that suggests Rue’s real name is, in fact, Ruby.

The rest of the “Euphoria” fandom on Twitter is largely going on about the surprise reveal because it’s just not something we saw coming. And now our biggest concern is why Laurie knows Rue’s legal name and what she plans to do with this information. Please be careful, Ruby!

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