Transport Yourself to the Multiverse in These “Everything Everywhere All at Once” Costumes

Everett Collection / Courtesy Everett Collection

A24’s “Everything Everywhere All at Once” brings absolute, can’t-look-away chaos and pairs all that excitement with impressive costumes. The multigenerational, multiverse drama doubles down on Michelle Yeoh’s star power – which can’t be contained, even in some of the simpler looks the actor wears as her character, Evelyn.

“As a costume designer, I think about, ‘Where would she shop, and where would she get her clothes?’ Well, she would go to Chinatown,” designer Shirley Kurata told Fashionista in March. ” . . . I was really scared because Michelle, having come from ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ . . . What if she’s gonna expect all these expensive designer clothes, and I’m getting these really inexpensive clothes from Chinatown? Is she gonna be upset? . . . But it was the easiest fitting, and I was so grateful that she was open to not the most glamorous outfit.”

The not-so-glamorous outfits in “Everything Everywhere All at Once” make them that much more iconic. Whether you want to channel the basic looks of Jamie Lee Curtis’s Deirdre Beaubeirdra or jump between universes as Stephanie Hsu’s Joy Wang/Jobu Tupaki, the sci-fi action film has plenty of inspiration for costumes this upcoming Halloween.

Ahead, check out all the outfits you can replicate for spooky season.

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