Farmer Matt and Olivia Spill on Life After “Farmer Wants a Wife”

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Love is in the air, folks! Let’s talk about the adorable couple who stole our hearts on “Farmer Wants a Wife” — Matt Young and Olivia Benic. They spilled the beans on what went down after leaving the show, including the one thing that “wasn’t working” in their relationship.

After confessing their love for each other on the show, Matt and Olivia couldn’t help but feel a wave of relief. So, what happened in the first 24 hours of their newfound freedom? Well, it was finally the moment they could share a hotel room together (wink, wink). But they also had a lovely dinner to celebrate their connection.

“It was the first time we were allowed to be in the same hotel room together so…,” Matt told 7Life. The couple giggled.

Farmer Matt and Olivia on Juggling Long Distance

Initially, they attempted to make it work with Olivia in Wollongong and Matt in Canberra. But it just wasn’t clicking for them. They realised that physical separation was putting a strain on their relationship. That’s when Olivia made a bold move and decided to join Matt in Canberra, where they could spend more quality time together.

You might be wondering why Olivia hesitated to leave Wollongong during the show. Well, she didn’t want to make their connection too obvious.

“It would have been so obvious – there was no conflict with us, so the Wollongong thing came up,” she told the publication. “I was at a transitionary point in my life so I always wanted to move.”

Matt, being the wonderful partner he is, supported her wholeheartedly. He helped her settle into Canberra, introduced her to his friends, and made the transition smooth as butter.

Looking ahead, this lovely couple is excited for their future together. They’re having those heart-to-heart conversations about marriage, kids, and what’s next for them. The best part? They’re on the same page, dreaming and planning together. With their genuine connection and shared goals, there’s no doubt that Matt and Olivia have a bright and love-filled future ahead.

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