Meet the New Batch of Farmers on “Farmer Wants a Wife” 2024

Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Farmers
Channel 7

Get ready for another heartwarming season of “Farmer Wants a Wife” because it’s coming back with a bang in 2024! Channel 7 and 7plus are gearing up to bring us a fresh batch of dreamy farmers who are on the hunt for true love in the picturesque Australian countryside. Below, get to know the “Farmer Wants a Wife” 2024 farmers.

After the smashing success of last year’s season, love is blooming once again, and they’re on the lookout for fabulous single ladies to join the ultimate bush fairy tale.

Sam Armytage is back as the host, and Natalie Gruzlewski will be right by her side as the co-host. These two are like fairy godmothers of romance. The last season of “Farmer Wants a Wife” made history as every single farmer found their happily ever after. Can the new crop of farmers keep up the romance and find their special someone? Before we find out, let’s meet our new “Farmer Wants a Wife” 2024 farmers.

Meet the New “Farmer Wants a Wife” 2024 Farmers

Farmer Bert, 30, Wamuran, Queensland

Bert Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Farmers
Channel 7

Meet Bert, the down-to-earth farmer with a heart as big as his pineapple fields. Coming from a long line of pineapple growers, Bert knows a thing or two about hard work and dedication. Growing up on a small island, he developed a deep love for the ocean and all its adventures.

But Bert’s interests don’t stop at farming and fishing. He’s a guy who loves to rev up his motorbike, catch a game of sports, or embark on spontaneous travel adventures.

Despite his rugged exterior, Bert’s really just a softie at heart, and he hopes to find someone who shares his love for simple pleasures and spontaneous fun. So, when it comes to finding love, Bert’s ready to roll up his sleeves and take a chance, whether it’s on the farm or on the TV screen of “Farmer Wants a Wife”. Who knows, maybe he’ll find the perfect partner to ride off into the sunset with.

Farmer Dean, 25, Kandanga, Queensland

Dean Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Farmers
Channel 7

Dean is the life of the party, with a personality as vibrant as his cattle and watermelon farm. Hardworking and driven, he’s always up for a laugh and a good time. When he’s not tending to his crops or herding his cattle, you can find him kicking back with a cold beer, surrounded by his family and mates.

So, what’s Dean looking for in a partner? Someone who’s outgoing, hardworking, and loves a good adventure. He wants a partner who’s not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty on the farm. And honesty, loyalty, and a good work ethic? Those are non-negotiables.

In five years’ time, Dean sees himself happily married, with a couple of kids running around the farm. For Dean, love is the driving force behind everything he does, making each moment even sweeter.

Farmer Dustin, 26, Condobolin, NSW

Dustin Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Farmers
Channel 7

Hailing from Condobolin, NSW, Dustin is the kind of guy who starts off a bit reserved but quickly becomes the life of the party once he gets comfortable. He’s all about work, family, and having a good time.

What makes Dustin unique? Well, for starters, he’s a master in the kitchen, and can whip up a mean mashed potato. But watch out — he’s allergic to cats and has a strong aversion to peas. Plus, his family history runs deep in farming, with his grandfather being one of the pioneers in their area.

When he’s not tending to his mixed farm of cattle, sheep, goats, and crops, Dustin loves spending time outdoors fishing or playing cricket. He’s a big fan of country music, but his tastes span across various genres, from Morgan Wallen to Eminem.

In a partner, Dustin is looking for someone who shares his love for life, family, and adventure. He values good communication, loyalty, and resilience above all else. For him, love is the most important thing in life, and he’s ready to build a future filled with it.

Farmer Joe, 33, Nimmitabel, NSW

Joe Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Farmers
Channel 7

At 33, Joe from Bombala, NSW, is living life to the fullest on his cattle and sheep farm. With a winning smile and a twinkle in his eye, Joe’s tall, dark, and handsome demeanour is just the start of what makes him unique.

Growing up, Joe’s journey took him from droving cattle with his family to rubbing shoulders with the stars in the U.S. and playing footy around the world. And when he’s not wrangling livestock, you’ll find him working with horses, belting out tunes, or kicking back on the footy field.

Now, when it comes to finding love, Joe’s got some high standards. He’s looking for someone who’s not just a pretty face, but shares his love for adventure and the great outdoors. But in a relationship, Joe is all about honesty and open communication, and a killer sense of humour is an absolute must. He’s all about living life to the fullest and wants a partner who’s ready to dive in headfirst. Will Farmer Joe find what he’s looking for on “Farmer Wants a Wife”?

Farmer Tom, 22, Tabilk, Victoria

Tom Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Farmers
Channel 7

Meet Tom, the 22-year-old go-getter from Tabilk, VIC, who’s making waves on his family’s cattle and cropping farm. But don’t let his age fool you — this guy’s got more life experience packed into his years than most.

After leaving school early to kickstart his own business, Tom’s achieved a lot professionally, and he’s not stopping anytime soon. From travelling through Europe to rubbing shoulders with country music stars at the Tamworth festival, Tom’s got a taste for adventure.

But when it comes to love, Tom’s looking for someone who’s caring, supportive, and shares his passion for life. Whether it’s hosting get-togethers at home or enjoying a glass of red on the back deck, Tom knows how to make the most of every moment. In a relationship, Tom’s all about loyalty, mutual trust, and teamwork. He’s dedicated to making it work and isn’t afraid to put in the hard yards.

“Farmer Wants a Wife” returns to Channel 7 and 7plus in 2024.

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