Farmer Wants A Wife Is Back So Get Out Ready To Take Out Your Fancy Akubra

farmer wants a wife

What’s that we hear? Sheep bleating, cows mooing, tractors starting and the rustle of Akubra’s being placed on heads. And…something else?

Oh! It’s the distant ringing of wedding bells.

That’s right, everyone’s favourite love-based reality television, Farmer Wants a Wife, is back (sorry, MAFS!) and according to Channel Seven, it’s coming very soon.

Along with the premiere, we will meet five of Australia’s hardest-working — — and cutest (it has to be said) — farmers, who are all in search of that special someone.

This year we’ll get to see Farmer Matt, Farmer Andrew, Farmer Sam, Farmer Will and Farmer Rob look for their soulmate to share their life and their love of the land with.

According to Seven, thousands of single women saw their profiles online — but only eight get to actually meet the farmers with only five invited back to their farm.

And if you’re looking for romance, this year’s show promises it — with dream overnight dates, luxury country getaways and spectacular group get-togethers. No word on whether there will be a sheep-shearing version of Ghost’s famous pottery scene though, which is both probably a blessing and a curse.

Without further “I do’s” ado — here are the five Farmer’s we’ll watch and fall in love with on this season of Farmer Wants a Wife 2021… and if not, we volunteer as tribute!

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