Meet the Couples Who Found Love on Farmer Wants a Wife 2024

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Farmer Wants a Wife has become synonymous with love stories that stand the test of time. And guess what? The 2024 season is here, and it’s already shaping up to be one for the books. Below, meet the couples who found love on Farmer Wants a Wife 2024.

This time around, we’re diving into the lives of Farmers Bert, Joe, Dustin, Dean, and Tom, as they each embark on their own quest for love. With ages ranging from 22 to 33, these farmers bring their own unique perspectives and experiences to the table, making for a diverse and intriguing group. Farmer Dean, in particular, pulled a move straight out of Farmer Andrew’s playbook from last year’s season. Early on in the season, he decided he’d found his forever love before he’d even finished eliminating the ladies one by one.

Then, midway through the season, just when you think you’ve got things figured out, in walks Farmer Todd, ready to stir the pot and maybe even steal a few hearts along the way. We were also thrown a curveball when Farmer Bert decided to leave the show early, sending his remaining ladies home.

But hey, in the end, it’s all about finding that one special connection. Below, find out which ladies our farmers chose on Farmer Wants a Wife.

Who Did the Farmers Choose? Meet the Farmer Wants a Wife 2024 Couples

Farmer Joe and Sarah

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Farmer Joe found the girl of his dreams, choosing Sarah in the Farmer Wants A Wife finale.

Joe admitted, “This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made”, before acknowledging that Sarah, a country girl at heart, had all the qualities he was looking for in a partner.

“I love the person you are. I love how strong and determined you are”, he added.

Excited, Sarah replied, “absolutely”, before the happy couple sealed it with a kiss.

Farmer Todd and Daisy

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In his search for love, Farmer Todd has always kept his eye on the goal: finding that one special lady to share his life with.

Thinking about the risks from past heartbreaks, Todd confessed, “Finding love is a big risk, but I’m willing to take that risk with you, Daisy. I can finally tell you that I’m definitely falling in love with you.”

Emotional, Daisy replied: “This is where the exciting part starts, right? Forever.”

Farmer Dustin and Sophie

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Farmer Dustin couldn’t deny his “immediate connection” with Sophie, and said that it felt like the pair had “known each other forever”.

“As soon as I saw you, I thought, you’re absolutely gorgeous. I really wanted you to be the first to come home, see the farm, and experience all the special places that mean so much to me,” Dustin said.

Excited about the future, Sophie replied, “I am falling in love with you, and it’s nice to hear you want to give us a chance and see what the future holds.”

Farmer Tom and Sarah C


The young farmer’s love story wrapped up with Tom meeting the families of his final two ladies. After getting to know Krissy and Sarah C, it was decision time for Farmer Tom, and he decided his heart belonged to Sarah C.

“Having you on the farm has been amazing. I’ve loved every bit of it. Sarah, you’re the one I see a future with, and I’m falling for you,” he told her.

Sarah C replied, “I can’t wait to come back to the farm and be with you all the time. I do love you.”

“I love you too,” Tom said.

Farmer Dean and Teegan

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Our first confirmed couple of the season is Farmer Dean and Teegan. So, Dean’s love story took a surprising turn when he realised Teegan was the one for him early on in the season. He didn’t waste any time, though — he sent Bella and Tiffany packing before inviting Teegan to join him on the farm.

Luckily, Teegan was totally on board and even dropped the L-word, telling Dean she was “falling in love” with him.

Stay tuned, we’ll be updating this article when our farmers choose their final ladies.

“Farmer Wants a Wife” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday — Tuesday at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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