The Farmer Wants A Wife Reunion Won’t Get Into the Pregnancy Scandal But It’ll Still Be Spicy AF

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While we’re all wanting to know which couples ended up together and which ones bit the dust, we just simply cannot ignore the enormous scandal that occurred shortly after the final aired.

Yes, I’m talking about that scandal, where Hayley Love announced she was pregnant with Farmer Will’s child.

When the news broke, it left people shook, but from that point forward, the drama became exceedingly messier.

Unfortunately for us, the pregnancy will not be discussed during the reunion as everything occurred after filming ended. But luckily, we have the scoop.

This is what you won’t see on The Farmer Wants A Wife Reunion.

Hayley Love Announces Her Pregnancy

On July 28, Hayley Love, a former contestant on The Farmer Wants A Wife, revealed to that she was pregnant with Farmer Will’s child.

Hayley was originally paired with Farmer Matt on the show, and Will had chosen Jaimee to be his partner in the finale, which is why the news came as a shock.

“I am 22 weeks pregnant with Farmer Will’s child,” said Hayley.

“I started my relationship with Farmer Will in December before the reunion episode was filmed a few weeks later in January. He told me he wasn’t with Jaimee and Jaimee was in contact with me before the reunion.”

Hayley went on to say that Will hasn’t been the most involved father and they are no longer together.

“At the end of the day, I have decided to keep the baby because I have enough love for this child with or without a biological father. I will be enough for him or her.”

Hayley Thanks Her Supporters and Will Posts a Cryptic Quote on Instagram

After sharing her story, Hayley received an influx of support and she activated her Instagram account to say thank you to those wishing her well.

“I was absolutely terrified to come out with a statement as I am struggling with my mental health,” she wrote.

“While the rumours were spreading I became a complete wreck. I removed myself from social media to recover from all the awful comments I was reading about myself and even other girls/farmers.”

“I am going to let the dust settle over the next few days but just wanted to jump on quickly to say a massive thank you. My heart is so full and I know bubs is going to have so much love.”

Will, on the other hand, decided to remain silent and instead, posted a cryptic quote to his Instagram story, saying: “A wolf does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep.”

He also disabled the comments on his Instagram photos.

Farmer Will Issues a Statement

A week after the news broke, Will finally released a statement on his Instagram account.

But while it started off civil, it ended with him speculating whether the child is even his.

The 39-year-old shared a photo of his own father on his Instagram, with the caption: “My family are my world, and my parents were the perfect role models. When the time comes, I will be the best Dad I can be. If this is in fact my child, I’ll be there whenever the child needs me. Even if as parents we can’t be a couple, our family will be filled with love for our child.

“But one thing I learnt from my Father is that discretion is the better part of valour. I’m sad that this has played out in public. I want only the best for Hayley. I’ll say what needs to be said in private and let my deeds do the talking.”

A Former Farmer Wants A Wife Contestant Calls Will a “Narcissistic Gaslighter”

Former contestant Nickia, who is friends with Hayley, called out Will after he released his statement, saying he should have taken responsibility when Hayley told him she was pregnant.

Taking to her own Instagram story, Nickia wrote: “It’s so funny when a narcissistic gaslighter tells the world he’s a narcissistic gaslighter.

“It’s the subtle slut-shame of the mother of his child for me. When the time comes? The time came 6 months ago buddy when Hayley fell pregnant.

“Majority of what Will has said ‘in private’ has been vile. And I know because I’ve read it.”

Farmer Will’s Runner-Up Defends Him

Just when you thought it would end there, in comes 29-year-old Kristina to throw a spanner into the works.

She was Will’s runner-up, and the zookeeper fiercely defended him against the allegations on her Instagram (seriously, what is with everyone creating drama on the ‘gram?).

She said: “For everyone asking, I have nothing negative to say about this man. Sending love your way”

Told you it was messy.

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