So, Who Are Bloom's Parents on Fate: The Winx Saga? Here Are All the Details

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It’s safe to say that Fate: The Winx Saga has become one of our favorite fantasy series: based on the early-2000s Nickelodeon cartoon Winx Club, this show is like a Game of Thrones-meets-Riverdale hybrid that combines magic and fairies with real-world themes like smartphones and, um, “cosmic” brownies. We’re obsessed with the fairies’ friendship with each other, giving us complete girl-power vibes, and the plot that runs through the entire series is dark, twisted, and wildly compelling. One of the main plot lines of the show is main character Bloom’s search for who she really is – a story she soon finds out is full of mystery and eerie secrets.

Early on in season one, Bloom finds out she’s actually a changeling, or a a fairy child switched at birth with a human baby, unbeknownst to them or their human parents. This means Bloom is actually a born fairy, and she is not her parents’ daughter. Of course, this sends Bloom into a tailspin, questioning her identity and her entire origin story. And so many things start making more sense, too: her passionate fights with her parents, leading to a fire in her home, and her megawatt fairy powers she still can’t fully control (they’re that powerful). Now that Bloom knows she’s a changeling and a born fairy, that just leads to one more question: who are her real parents?

After much searching, pushed on by fellow changeling Beatrix, Bloom finds out her parents were actually fairies and she was kidnapped by Blood Witches as a baby. Ex-headmistress Rosalind, who has been long trapped by current headmistress Dowling, took Bloom from the fairy world to the human world in order to protect her. Ending up in California, her unsuspecting new parents raised her thinking she was their biological child. The changeling practice is considered barbaric throughout Alfea, which causes all sorts of issues for Bloom (only adding to learning how to wield her fire powers, deciding on whether to act on her feelings for Sky, and defeating the Burned Ones – no biggie). This also means Bloom’s “adoptive” parents actually lost their biological child as an infant and Bloom was put in their place before anyone could notice the difference.

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