38 Movies About Witches That Are Absolutely Spellbinding

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Witches often get a bad rap. Sure, plenty of witches throughout history and in fiction are often depicted as evil old ladies who are out to steal youth and beauty, and curse people for eternity. But not all fictional witches have horrible goals in mind. Take Glinda the Good Witch in “The Wizard of Oz.” She only wanted to help Dorothy and Toto find their way home. Her name says it all! And though we probably remember the evil witches a little better than the nice ones, pop culture is full of witches who are quite lovely.

Some fictional witches, though, can be found in some seriously scary horror movies, like “The Wretched,” “Rosemary’s Baby,” and “The Blair Witch Project.” These films take the more twisted idea of a witchy character and use it to spook viewers, playing up that bad rap we mentioned. These witches may not take the form of your witchy Halloween costume – with a pointed black hat, broomstick, and cauldron – but they’re chilling characters who are absolutely iconic in both the witch and horror genres.

If you’re looking for straight up horror movies about witches, have no fear (or, some fear), because this list of witch movies has plenty of those for you to enjoy. But there are also plenty of light-hearted Disney movies, romantic comedies, and kids movies that also feature some iconic and delightful witches. Ahead, these are 38 of our favorite witch movies.

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