An Evicted Contestant Returns As Three Intruders Cause a Stir on “FBOY Island Australia”

fboy island australia intruders

FBOY Island Australia” just threw us a major curveball in episode three. Not only did an evicted contestant return to the show, but we were also introduced to three new faces. Usually, when a contestant gets the boot, they vanish into thin air, never to be seen again (unless they become social media influencers).

But “FBOY Island Australia” isn’t your typical dating show. Here, the contestants don’t actually leave the island, setting the stage for unexpected reunions between the eliminators and the eliminated.

Brace yourself, as we dive into the debrief of this wild turn of events. Here’s what went down.

Nick Returns to the Villa

fboy island australia nick returns to villa

Last week, Molly bid farewell to construction manager Nick, believing he was an “FBoy.” But it turned out he was actually a “Nice Guy.” Filled with instant regret, Molly worked her magic behind the scenes and successfully brought Nick back into the competition.

“The girls are in charge on this show, so they make the rules,” host Abbie Chatfield said in a voiceover.

While Nick’s return is guaranteed to ruffle some “FBoy” feathers, he’s not the only surprise in store. Now, three sizzling new intruders have entered the competition, each with their own charm.

Three Intruders Arrive on “FBOY Island Australia”

The first intruder to arrive in the villa is Simon. Buzzing with confidence, he admits: “I would f**k myself if I could.” He is an alleged Nice Guy… obviously?

The next addition is a man named Vernon who has a mullet and two gold chains around his neck. He presents himself as a self-proclaimed “Nice Guy” who wholeheartedly embraces the essence of love. However, he claimed to be single six months prior to entering the villa, when in fact he was loved-up a week prior to signing up for the show.

fboy island australia intruders vernon

Last but not least, say hello to Chris. Looking past his face tattoos, he proudly claims he never misses his target when it comes to matters of the heart. How… romantic?

fboy island australia intruders chris

Well, it seems like the villa just had three new “FBoys” enter the competition. Thoughts? Let’s just hope the ladies can see right through these men. Given their track record so far (Caleb???), we’re not so confident.

Missed an episode? Catch up on BINGE.

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