“FBOY Island Australia”: Sophie and Josh Aren’t Together, But Love Isn’t Off the Table

fboy island australia sophie joshy

When it comes to reality TV romance, the pressure to become an official couple after the cameras stop rolling can be intense. But “FBoy Island Australia” couple Sophie and Joshy have decided to take a different route, and are choosing not to rush into a committed relationship. While they may not have put a label on their connection just yet, they’re keeping the door open for love to blossom in the future.

“We didn’t really wanna just feel like the full pressure of the show, and I guess we’re very busy people with our own stuff going on as well,” Joshy told POPSUGAR Australia.

He continued, “We wanted to not force anything and then it turned bad. We wanted to obviously stay really good friends and, you know, kind of just see what the future holds.”

Sophie echoed Josh’s sentiments. She didn’t want to rush into anything where it could potentially go sour.

“It’s a big fear of mine. I’ve been single for so long, and at this stage of life where Joshy is also so attractive to me because he’s so career-focused and he gets the drive in life at this age,” she explained.

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fboy island australia sophie joshy

… But There’s Still a Spark Between Sophie and Josh

Despite living in separate cities, Sophie believes that if circumstances align, there could be potential for a romance to blossom in the future.

“Maybe if one was to move at some stage of their life, then of course, there’s always gonna be a spark there,” she said.

The couple acknowledged the uncertainty of the future, but they’re open-minded about it all.

“You never know what the future holds,” Josh said. “But yeah, it’s not like after three weeks we didn’t want to just pack up and move (states).”

While their romantic relationship may not have flourished in the real world, Sophie and Josh continue to maintain a strong connection.

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“We still obviously talk and stuff like that. But we just didn’t want to have that pressure of trying to force anything and then, you know, we get annoyed or whatever. We just wanted to really keep that friendship kind of going,” Josh explained.

While it might not be the happy ending we were hoping for, only time will reveal whether their story takes a romantic turn.

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