“FBOY Island Australia”: Where Are They Now?

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FBOY Island Australia” took reality TV to new heights with its unique premise of pitting “FBoys” against “Nice Guys” in a bid for both love and a share of the $50,000 cash prize.

Hosted by Abbie Chatfield, the show revolved around three women: Molly, Ziara, and Sophie, who had the challenging task of navigating their feelings and intentions among the 12 contestants on each side. But since the show ended, we’ve gotta know: where are the “FBOY Island Australia” contestants now? What are they up to?

So, we did a deep dive to find out all the burning questions.

“FBOY Island Australia”: Where Are They Now?

Molly and Nick

Molly and Nick were the power couple of the season. In the show’s finale, Molly had us all guessing, but it was no surprise when she picked Nick. And we’re so happy to see that they’re still going strong.

The pair previously told POPSUGAR Australia that they were doing long-distance after the finale aired.

“I’ve definitely been keeping my eye out for the job market in Sydney and looking to see what’s out there because hopefully, I’d really love to be close to Nick,” she said.

But it seems like the loved-up couple have taken the next step in their relationship — they’ve moved in together! Molly finally made the big move to Sydney and the pair are now living together.

Sharing the exciting news on Instagram, Molly wrote: “After trialling long distance, we have worked out that it sucks! So @browntownfunkymalone and I have decided to move in together.”

Ziara and Izaya

Ziara and Izaya’s love story is another success story from the show. Their genuine and authentic connection stood out, and their chemistry was undeniable. Ziara told us in an earlier interview that there was actually a lot we didn’t get to see. Specifically? They made out a lot. Like, a lot a lot. And who can blame them?!

“I think if they had shown all of our moments, it would have just been way too obvious that I was not connecting with anybody else,” she said. “We were all over each other all the time.”

Since the show ended, the couple has been going strong ever since. They recently enjoyed their first holiday together in Bali, sharing their blissful moments on social media.

Sophie and Joshy

As for Sophie and Joshy, their journey took a different turn. The two have chosen to remain good friends for now and keep their relationship status open-ended.

Sophie has been channelling her energy into her career as a DJ, travelling around the United States for gigs. On the other hand, Joshy has been focusing on his health and fitness journey, sharing workout videos and inspirational content on his Instagram.

“FBOYS” and “Nice Guys”


Caleb was arguably the most controversial contestant on this year’s season, but it didn’t stop of him from making it right until the end. From THAT vulgar comment that was the talk of the show to his “FBOY” antics on camera, he sure did make the show an interesting watch.

The 31-year-old American personal trainer told Yahoo Lifestyle he has plenty of exciting projects lined up and looks forward to appearing on TV again in the near future. Judging by Caleb’s Instagram, he’s continued to work on his modelling and acting career, so it seems like he’s done just that since the show ended.


Cory had his heart broken when Ziara decided to choose Izaya over him in the finale. The American pro basketball player has kept things rather low-key since the show ended. Judging by his Instagram, it seems like this “Nice Guy” has stuck to what he does best: Basketball.


Justin has been a busy boy since “FBOY Island” wrapped up! While he didn’t steal Sophie’s heart in the finale, he’s gone right back into his male stripping gig. He is currently a part of the “Magic Men” crew.


“FBOY Island Australia” was not the Sean’s first foray into reality TV — he actually appeared in last year’s season of “Heartbreak Island Australia”. Since the show ended, Sean has also gone back to his male stripping. Funnily enough, he is also a “Magic Men” adult entertainer.

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