FBOY Island Australia: Meet the Three Women Searching for Love and Calling Out the FBoys

FBOY Island

A brand new reality dating show is coming to screens near you, and it’s set to be an absolute banger. That’s right, we’re talking about “FBOY Island Australia“, and we finally have some more details. The highly anticipated show is set to premiere on May 29 on BINGE and the cast has just been announced!

Hosted by the fabulous Abbie Chatfield, the show will see three gorgeous women searching for love among a bunch of self-proclaimed “nice guys” and “FBoys”.

But who are these women, you ask? Allow us to introduce you to Molly O’Halloran, Sophie Blackley, and Ziara Rae. The three women who will be vying for love and the $100,000 cash prize.

The 10-episode series will follow these fierce women as they navigate the treacherous waters of the dating pool, trying to figure out who’s there for love and who’s just in it to win the cash prize of $100,000. Meanwhile, the “nice guys” and “FBoys” will be doing their best to woo the ladies and avoid elimination.

With Abbie at the helm and these three powerhouse women leading the charge, “FBOY Island Australia” is set to be one of the hottest shows of the year. Now, let’s meet the ladies!

Molly O’Halloran

Molly O'Halloran FBOY Island

Molly is a 26-year-old occupational therapist from Melbourne who describes herself as a “21st Century Woman”. She is passionate about women’s health and sexuality and has a strong distaste for arrogant men.

Molly is ready to put any FBoys in their place and is excited about the prospect of finding true love on the show.

Sophie Blackley

Sophie Blackley FBOY Island

Sophie is a 26-year-old professional DJ who runs her own entertainment business. Originally from a small town in New Zealand, she moved to Australia seven years ago and has not been on a date in three years.

Sophie is direct and unapologetically herself, and is looking for someone who won’t waste her time.

Ziara Rae

Ziara Rae FBOY Island

Ziara is a 21-year-old model of African American heritage who was born and raised in Australia. She has been working as a model since the age of seven and has a maturity beyond her years.

Raised by a single mother, Ziara knows what she deserves and is not willing to settle for anything less.

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