Fliss and Tottie Are Competing on The Amazing Race Australia to Prove That Age Is Just a Number

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Fliss and Tottie have been best friends since birth, and their country upbringing gives them many advantages other teams may lack.

Having spent all their lives in the countryside, the two girls have an excellent knowledge of rural life, which may have prepared them for the challenges ahead. Their practical knowledge, plus Totties’ farmhand skills of fixing just about anything, will surely benefit them and will come in handy on The Amazing Race.

The one thing that might work against them is that they are not used to the hustle and bustle of big cities. They are used to the quiet, slow pace of their hometown, so they may find it hard to adjust to a fast-paced environment.

Fliss is excited about everything about The Amazing Race, saying, “The Race itself is spontaneous like me. I can’t wait to travel internationally, compete in challenges, and have the adventure of a lifetime alongside my best friend.”

For Fliss, the biggest challenge that she needs to overcome is spiders and hopes that there won’t be any interactions with them during the challenges.

When asked what she hope to accomplish on the Amazing Race, Tottie said, “I hope to make it to the final three of The Race, that would be a huge accomplishment for myself and my teammate.” They are aware that the competition is going to be tough, but they would love to be able to enjoy themselves without worrying about the other teams. What is important for Tottie is “know we have done our best in this competition and be proud we made it this far.”

Tottie shares that what excites her the most is “going to so many different countries and having that opportunity to live in a way that they do on a daily basis.” Despite finding it scary to travel alone without her family and in unfamiliar places, especially in a foreign nation where the languages are different.

Fliss & Tottie are not just competing for themselves — they are also competing for all of the young girls who might be inspired by them and their message: age is just a number. They are in it not only to become the first female team to win, but they also want to inspire other young girls to not be afraid to grab their dreams with both hands and make them happen.

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