Ginny & Georgia: The 5 Biggest Revelations About the Family's Shady Past

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Netflix’s new show Ginny & Georgia is 10 hours worth of drama, juicy gossip, and secrets galore. The show volleys between the past and present, showing 15-year-old Georgia trying to survive on her own and draws parallels with 15-year-old Ginny who might be more like her mother than she’d like to admit. mother-and-daughter duo Georgia and Ginny Miller may have packed up their lives time and time again to start somewhere new, but their secrets are not far behind. Season one drops major revelations about their past and current secrets, and we’ve rounded up some of the biggest ones ahead.

1. Georgia runs an illegal poker ring in New Orleans.

In flashbacks, we see that in order to make some extra cash and take care of baby Ginny, a teenage Georgia heads up an illegal poker ring in New Orleans. But when she gets caught, she temporarily loses custody of Ginny and has to prove to the authorities that she can take care of her daughter and stabilize her life.

2. Georgia murdered her first husband, Anthony.

As a result, she is forced to marry her boss Anthony Green to make herself look responsible, but when Anthony turns out to be too controlling, she poisons him and makes a run for it. At the end of episode 10, private investigator Gabriel Cordova learns about Anthony Green and the fact that he goes missing only shortly after their marriage.

3. Ginny was traumatised by her stepfather.

We learn early on that Ginny self-harms during moments of stress. In a flashback, we see that Kenny handles Ginny’s body in a sexual way while “helping” her practice yoga. Only Marcus knows about Ginny’s self-harming tendencies because he catches her attempting to do it in her bedroom. When they later talk about it, Ginny explains she does it when she needs to escape her overwhelming emotions.

4. Georgia killed her second husband, Kenny.

When Georgia catches Kenny molesting Ginny, she takes matters into her own hands. She mixes Wolfsbane (a poisonous plant) into his smoothie, so that it would look like he suffered from heart failure on the wheel. However, when Kenny’s first wife contests his will – which gives his fortune to Georgia – she hires Cordova to find dirt on Georgia. He gets close, going as far as getting approval to exhume his body, but Georgia gets there first and places Kenny’s ashes into a fireworks display at the end of the season, thereby removing all evidence. Unbeknownst to her, Ginny and Austin help her destroy further evidence by lighting Georgia’s Wolfsbane plant on fire. However, in learning the truth of her mother, Ginny’s unable to see her as anything but a murderer and runs away with Austin.

5. It’s not a coincidence that Georgia picked Wellsbury.

As a teen, Georgia actually meets Joe (who now owns a café) at a rest stop. She is so taken with the idyllic vision of his class on a field trip that when he tells her they’re from Wellsbury, she makes a mental note. Eventually, Joe puts the pieces together that she’s the girl from decades ago, but never finds the words to admit their connection – does Georgia already know?

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