Iconic ’90s Show Makes an Epic Comeback: How to Apply for “Gladiators Australia”

how to apply gladiators australia
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Attention, ’90s kids and fitness enthusiasts alike, get ready to buckle up for the most thrilling revival of the decade! Remember “Gladiators Australia”? It was that iconic battle program that had everyone on the edge of their seats back in the day. Well, it’s making a comeback to our TV screens, and here’s how to apply for the “Gladiators Australia” reboot.

The premise of the original series involved permanent competitors, aka the Gladiators, taking on the one-time Challengers, including obstacle courses and battles with hammerheads on suspension bridges.

The first run of “Gladiators Australia” consisted of 70 adrenaline-packed episodes, spanning from April 1995 to October 1996. Following its initial success, the show experienced a brief revival in 2008, which further solidified its iconic status. The show returned for a single season, treating fans to 15 more action-packed episodes of intense battles and thrilling feats of athleticism.

Now, the prospect of the show’s highly anticipated resurrection in 2023 has fans buzzing with excitement. With new challenges, modern twists, and a fresh lineup of Gladiators and Challengers, the forthcoming reboot aims to recapture the essence of its original success while introducing it to a whole new generation of viewers. It’s slated for filming in Sydney during September and October, so here’s your chance to apply now.

How to Apply for “Gladiators Australia”

Applications to be a Gladiator or Contender on the new series are now open! Apply now.

As far as we can tell, there aren’t any further requirements aside from being an Aussie resident/citizen, aged over 18 (and under 80), as well as being healthy enough to take on what’s coming.

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