“Gossip Girl”‘s Creator Says the Season 2 Finale Reveals a Major Hint About Next Season


“Gossip Girl” may have just returned for its second season on Dec. 1, but the show’s creator is already thinking ahead for season three. So far, we know season two is setting up loads of drama around Monet’s hostile takeover as well as Aki, Audrey, and Max’s complicated throuple relationship – not to mention Georgina Sparks’s return. Viewers still have plenty of episodes to go until the season finale, but showrunner Joshua Safran tells POPSUGAR he’s already begun stringing ideas together for next season.

“Basically, the season premiere of season three happens at the end of season two.”

“We already know what we want to do in season three,” he says, “so hopefully [the reboot will] feel even more like the original [‘Gossip Girl’].” Speaking of the OG “Gossip Girl,” Safran teases that the reboot’s season two finale will resemble what OG fans are familiar with from the CW series. However, it’ll also share some major plot points surrounding season three.

“Well, I will say that in the tradition of ‘Gossip Girl’ in the past, season two resolves its storylines at a certain point in the finale, and then when you think it’s over . . . basically, the season premiere of season three happens at the end of season two,” he shares. “It’s not just five minutes, it’s like a 25-minute season premiere. A lot of stuff happens, more than I think has ever happened in any ‘Gossip Girl’ episode, to the point where once you watch the finale you’ll be like, ‘Oh, I see. There’s season three right there.'”

While HBO Max has yet to renew the teen drama, it seems fans won’t have to wait too long to find out what happens past the season two finale. But, again, we still have a ways to go until then as “Gossip Girl”‘s second season concludes on Jan. 26.

Catch up on season two episodes streaming now on HBO Max.

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