The Most Heartbreaking Character Exits on Grey's Anatomy, Ranked

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Watching Grey’s Anatomy means setting yourself up for heartbreak, over and over again. Over the years, the medical drama has churned out a huge number of heartbreaking moments, including the departures of many beloved characters. While some characters have been lucky enough to get easy exits, others left a much bigger impact, whether they left Seattle alive or not. We’ve seen characters die suddenly, take new job opportunities, and even just leave everyone behind without any warning at all; they’ve all been hard to watch in their own ways.

Everyone has their own opinions about what the most heartwrenching, devastating character exits on Grey’s have been, so we’re putting together a definitive list of the ones that made us cry the most. Ahead, we’ve ranked some of the most notable and emotional character departures, from the least sad to the ones that make us sob every time. Take a look and see if you agree with our rankings – but don’t read any further if you’re not caught up with the most recent seasons!

– Additional reporting by Nicole Weaver
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