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Guy Sebastian's Reaction to Brother Chris on The Voice

Guy Sebastian Welled Up Watching His Brother Chris Sing on The Voice

Guy Sebastian's little brother, Chris, returned to The Voice on Monday — and he soon had his brother in tears!

We saw the flash of recognition and grin from Guy as Chris sang the first line to "Jealous" by Labrinth. That line was enough to capture Boy George's attention, before Guy turned his chair too, followed by Kelly Rowland and Delta Goodrem. Did you notice the way Delta turned to Guy to check on how he was going mid-song?

By the end of his song, his brother was wiping tears from his eyes, so, of course, Delta came and sat with him for support.

Boy George clocked that he was an All Star based on Delta and Guy's reactions, asking Delta if she'd seen him before, before Kelly asked the truly revealing question: "What's your name?" Boy George didn't believe the answer at first — but with Guy's confirmation he was pleased to say they've got "a very, very talented family".

But it was then that Guy really got choked up talking about how close he and his three brothers are. "We're super tight," he began. "I've got three brothers . . ."

"I love family and I love brotherhood and this is so beautiful!," Kelly gushed.

"I'm so proud of you, bro," Guy continued.

Then with all four judges vying for him — and Boy George joking about what it would mean to not choose his brother — Chris landed in Team Kelly. She promised to look after Chris.

"I love you, buddy," Guy told Chris, before asking the most sibling question ever as they headed backstage together: "Is Mum there?"

Reflecting on the moment on Instagram, Chris wrote: "I won't be forgetting this moment any time soon 😭 thank you so much for all the love! Watching it back messed me up just as much haha."

After thanking his coach, Kelly, he added a heartfelt note to his big brother: "I love you more than I could possibly express. I have learnt some of the most valuable things in my life from you and if I can be 10% of the person you are then I'll be consider myself a lucky man. ❤️"

Chris first appeared on series one in 2012, earning a place in Seal's team, before being eliminated in the semi-finals. This time around, Chris vowed not to wind up on his Australian Idol-winning brother's team, to avoid accusations of nepotism.

He told Woman's Day: "I had him ruled out from the beginning . . . I'd hate people to think I wasn't there for my own abilities or it was rigged. I didn't want anyone to say I was getting special treatment."

But he acknowledged auditioning for his brother made him super nervous. "There isn't anyone's opinion I value more, so that was the most nervous I've been in my entire life!"

Talking to TV Week, Guy said he was nervous too about Chris doing the show, adding that his brother was approached to be an All Star last year. "After a year of being a coach, I knew it was a safe space for him to go back into.

"I'm so close to my brothers, I would die for them."

He admitted to being "embarrassed" about getting so emotional watching his brother. "I was crying a bit too much and went into the ugly cry. Then it got weird for everyone, and it was like, 'OK, we get it — he's your brother.'"

But we almost teared up ourselves watching this go down! It's so powerful to see such positive masculinity on TV.

The Voice airs on Channel Nine, Sunday to Tuesday. Join us at our Facebook group Pass the Popcorn to gab about all things reality TV.

Image Source: Channel Nine
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