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The head honchos at Marvel seem to love nothing more than to tease fans, as illustrated by Maya’s mysterious uncle on Hawkeye. Throughout the third and fourth episodes of Season 1, Maya and other members of the Tracksuit Mafia mention the dangers of making her uncle angry, but so far, the only hint at the character’s true identity came in the form of a brief flashback scene. At one point, a young Maya’s dad drops her off at karate and promises Uncle will pick her up later. We then see Uncle’s hand cup Maya’s cheek as he laughs. This one moment was more than enough to convince Marvel fans they know exactly who Uncle is – and if they’re right, he could play a major role in the Marvel cinematic universe moving forward.

Who Is Uncle in Hawkeye?

Even though it hasn’t officially been confirmed, the general consensus is that Maya’s uncle has to be the notorious crime lord Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin. Fisk is best known for being Daredevil’s archnemesis in the comics. He’s a large, imposing man who makes it his business to know everything about everyone. He then uses the information he gathers against his enemies.

In Hawkeye, the Uncle character is shown to be in charge. Although the Tracksuit Mafia clearly respects Maya, she’s not at the top of the food chain. Uncle is the man they fear, and the one who doesn’t want to be on the radar of an Avenger. However, Maya is willing to defy her uncle’s wishes due to her belief that Ronin killed her father. It’s heavily implied that if he finds out what his niece has been up to in regards to chasing after Hawkeye and Kate, he won’t be pleased.

What Role Does Wilson Fisk Play In The Comics?

Wilson Fisk, who is better known as the Kingpin, is first introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #50 as a leader in New York’s crime scene. By the age of 15, Kingpin was already in charge of his own gang, and his criminal enterprise has only grown larger since then. The imposing criminal is known for running his gangs like a business, leading to a level of efficiency that makes him one of the most feared and revered crime bosses on all of the East Coast. In addition to having a mind for business, Fisk has also dabbled in politics and he’s a well-respected member of New York City’s elite, which allows him to effortlessly move between legitimate business opportunities and street-level crime.

The Kingpin has had run-ins with a number of heroes over the years, but Spider-Man and Daredevil are the biggest thorns in his side. At one point, he exposed his enemies to Daredevil in order to secure his place at the top of New York’s criminal empire. His gambit worked, but it also made him a life-long enemy of Daredevil.

Does The Kingpin Have Any Superpowers?

Like Hawkeye and Kate, Kingpin doesn’t have any superpowers. Instead, he relies on brute strength and his intelligence to control his underlings. Over the years, he has trained in Sumo wrestling and martial arts. As a result, he’s incredibly strong. However, he’s perhaps best known for his intelligence. What makes Kingpin so dangerous is that he’s a master strategist. He has a knack for moving people around like chess pieces, and he always has some vital piece of information tucked away in his back pocket for a rainy day. His ability to move seamlessly between the world of villains and high society makes him a foe with friends in high places. That means he always has someone powerful waiting in the wings to help him out of a jam.

What Is The Kingpin’s Connection To Maya?

In the comics, the Kingpin is Maya’s adopted father. He takes her in after her own father is killed, telling her that his murderer is none other than Daredevil. This leads to Maya growing up with one goal in mind: seeking vengeance against the hero who killed her father. However, in reality, Kingpin is her father’s true killer, and he simply wanted to turn Maya into a weapon to use against Daredevil. She eventually learns the truth and attacks Fisk, temporarily leaving him blind.

This all fits in nicely with Maya’s Hawkeye storyline. It certainly seems like Uncle took her in after her father’s death, which was pinned on Ronin. While it’s possible that Ronin/Hawkeye really did kill her father, it’s equally possible Kingpin organised a hit using Ronin’s killing spree as a cover.

Could Uncle Be Anyone Else in Hawkeye?

Again, it seems like a foregone conclusion that Uncle is Kingpin, but Marvel does love to subvert expectations. With that in mind, it is possible Uncle is actually Jack Duquesne. After all, it has already been confirmed that Kate’s future stepfather has close ties to the Tracksuit Mafia, so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for him to be the man Maya calls uncle. The one major problem with this theory is that the actor who plays Jack, Tony Dalton, doesn’t have large hands or a booming laugh like the man in Maya’s flashback.

Who Plays Uncle in Hawkeye?

The identity of the actor playing Uncle has yet to be confirmed, but fans of the extended Marvel universe are keeping their fingers crossed that Vincent D’Onofrio will reprise the role which he previously played in Netflix’s Daredevil series. So far, the Disney+ shows and the Netflix Marvel shows have not been shown to be connected. However, with the Netflix Daredevil himself, Charlie Cox, confirmed to be joining the MCU, it seems all bets are off.

What’s more, D’Onofrio physically matches the size of the actor in the scene with young Maya. Granted, since his face isn’t shown, it’s impossible to say for sure if that really was the Daredevil actor, but if it is, then the Disney+ and Netflix series could be connected after all. If they are, then that opens the door for any number of actors to reprise their Marvel roles in the future.

For now, much is still unknown about Maya’s uncle, but you can bet if he is the Kingpin, then the MCU is about to be rocked by the introduction of one of the comics’ most notorious big bads.

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