The Cast of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Really Are All in This Together


For fans of the original Disney franchise High School Musical, the most heartwarming aspect of the films was undoubtedly the love the cast had for one another, so it’s no surprise that the new kids on the block from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is also full of support.

In an interview with POPSUGAR Australia, Joshua Bassett, Matt Cornett, Dara Renee, Frankie Rodriguez, Joe Serafini, Julia Lester and Larry Saperstein all spoke fondly about how close they had become, especially now that they are into their second season.

For most of the cast, including breakout star Olivia Rodrigo, their incredible talent extends further than the set of their hit TV show (with the second season now streaming on Disney+) and they all feel very comfortable sharing their passions with one another.

“I consider these people my second family,” Cornett, who plays EJ said.”I think being that we’re so close and we all know each other so extremely well, we do have the space to throw something out there. We always know we have each other to talk to.”

“Everyone on set is just super supportive of each other, and really wants the other people to succeed and wishes the best for everybody,” he said. “So it’s kind of a beautiful thing, where we’re all doing this together, and then everyone else kind of has their own things that they’re working on.”

In fact, during the height of the pandemic, the cast turned to one another to “cope”.

“There were lots of phone calls, lots of therapy and entertainment here and there. We just were there for each other and took care of each other when we needed it. We would have weekly Zoom calls just to like check-in with each other and just check in to make sure everyone’s doing all right and still loving life.”

For Serafini (Seb) the series plays to the multi-talented strengths of each cast member.

“I feel like this series has given me so many opportunities to show what I can do,” he said. “And honestly, everyone in the cast, I feel like, has such great moments to shine through in this season especially. It’s just such a blast to be a part of.”

While Rodriguez (Carlos) added: “I’ve learned to really step up my game in the best way possible, because I know that with this cast, specifically, they’re going to come with their A-game!”

Following in the footsteps of the OG cast has been somewhat intimidating for the new class, however, they were lucky to be mentored by Kenny Ortega who created the hit films.

“Kenny so graciously included us in the Disney Family Sing-a-long at the start of the pandemic and I was so honoured that he thought of us,” Serafini said.

“We wondered how people were going to react to this,” Cornett admitted. “The second we started filming, we were like, ‘oh my God! This is totally different. This is something really special and its been cool to see the reaction from people and see how people did a 180 when they heard about the idea.”

Renee (Kourtney) was also fortunate enough to previously have worked with Monique Coleman, who played Taylor McKessie in the originals.

“I said to her, ‘Hey Queen, this is super weird but can I have your blessing? I’m going to be a Wildcat’ and she was just the sweetest person. She said, ‘go off and be yourself’. She’s such an inspiration to me and she was just so kind.”

If you haven’t picked up by now, this cast is truly like a being part of a warm hug on a cold winter’s day, and they are under no illusion about how lucky they are.

“It’s really a dream come true on all fronts,” Lester (Ashlyn) said. “Having this opportunity come along that that includes everything I really been passionate about my whole life is, it’s something I couldn’t have never even imagined.”

Catch High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+, streaming now.

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