“HIMYF” Season 2 Is Jam-Packed With Cameos, Including an Iconic “HIMYM” Character

Hulu / Patrick Wymore

How I Met Your Father” is back, and no, we still don’t know who the father is. But the season two premiere, which Hulu released on Jan. 24, promised something even bigger: a major cameo from a member of the original “How I Met Your Mother” cast. It’s not surprising, since the season one finale featured Cobie Smulders as Robin Scherbatsky giving advice to Sophie (Hilary Duff) about her relationship with Jesse (Chris Lowell). But in the season two premiere, viewers get a look at the original’s most legendary cast member: Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson. And in episode two, pop star Meghan Trainor plays a major role in the plot, costarring as one of Sophie’s neighbors in her New York City apartment building. Episode five also had cameos from two iconic actors and another “HIMYM” OG cast member.

Ahead, we’re breaking down Harris’s return to the series, plus all the other cameos that have happened so far this season. Other announced cameos for the season include John Corbett, so it’s going to be one wild year for Sophie and friends.

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