Meet the Crabfeeder, “House of the Dragon”'s Creepy New Antagonist


The villains on “Game of Thrones” have some terrifying nicknames, but “House of the Dragon” might have the weirdest creepy-villain name yet: the Crabfeeder. Not only does he have a brutal method of conquest, but he’s also already set to be a major enemy for at least a few of the show’s biggest players.

Who Is the Crabfeeder?

Early in “House of the Dragon,” we learn that Corlys Velaryon, among others, is concerned about the rise of a leader called Craghas Drahar, aka the “Crabfeeder.” He is gaining power out by the Stepstones, a distant set of islands famed for their dangerous and pirate-infested waters but are also critical to trade routes. The Crabfeeder is currently leading the Triarchy, a group of Free Cities who have banded together to impose law and order on the region and rid their seas of dangerous pirates.

While safer trade routes are a good thing, the rise of the Triarchy also means the rise of a powerful alliance that could threaten Westerosi ambitions on the seas – a particular concern to Corlys, known as the “Sea Snake.” In “Fire and Blood,” George R.R. Martin’s book that serves as the basis for “House of the Dragon,” Westeros is fine with the Triarchy’s dominion until they start raising the tolls of the trade routes too high. Then a group of nobles, including Daemon Targaryen and Corlys, set out to bring the Stepstones under Westerosi control instead.

Why Is Craghas Drahar Called the Crabfeeder?

The Crabfeeder gets his name from a particularly gruesome practice he uses on his enemies, which is even shown in the second episode of “House of the Dragon.” He tortures his victims, leaving them to be killed slowly and painfully by being devoured by crabs. He serves as an outside threat to the great houses of Westeros, similar to the threat of the Night King and White Walkers in “Game of Thrones,” and in contrast to the internal politics of the realm that dominate the rest of the show.

Who Plays Craghas Drahar the Crabfeeder?

Actor Daniel Scott-Smith, who previously had a small role in “Men in Black: International,” has made his big break with his role as the Crabfeeder in “House of the Dragon.” The English actor looks a lot different in real life, according to his headshot.

In the books, the Crabfeeder becomes a direct foe of Corlys and Daemon, and his ultimate fate rests in their hands. As “House of the Dragon” continues to narrate Targaryen history, we’ll definitely continue seeing more of Scott-Smith as the Crabfeeder and how his path sets him on a collision course with some of our main characters.

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